Current Consultations and Enquiries

CIWM likes to respond, as best it can, to all consultations therefore input from members is vital.  If you would like to submit a response to any consultation below please send your comments to the Technical Team on at least one week before the closing date of the consultation.

New consultations and closing date reminders are always posted on the Member Newsletter (previously known as News Online and is the weekly Technical Newsletter exclusive to CIWM members), this page shows the list of consolidated UK wide consultations that CIWM are aware of, however, CIWM will not necessarily be responding to every consultation in this list.

Responses to past consultations can be viewed using the links in the box on the right of this page.  If you require any further information please contact the Technical Team.

Current consultations awaiting response:

Buckinghamshire County Council – Household recycling centre service review consultation – closes 22 October 2018
Waste and recycling is one of the services that are undergoing a review, part of which is the county's household recycling centre service, which costs £3million a year to maintain. This review is to consider ways in which the council can reduce the amount spent on the service, proposals including site closures; reduced opening days; charges for waste types and non-Bucks residents.

Environment Agency: consultation on assessing and scoring permit compliance – closes 29 October 2018
The Environment Agency have launched a consultation on some proposed changes to show they assess and score permit compliance.  These changes will form part on the ongoing, five-year strategy for Performance Based Regulation.  The consultation proposals include four main changes:

To consolidate scores in such a way that the annual compliance band is reflective of the risk or impact posed by the site, and to avoid sites moving into bands associated with poorer compliance, simply because they have incurred multiple minor non-compliances under the same permit condition. The principle of consolidation will include conditions relating to Emission Limit Values such as those found in landfill, installation and water discharge permits, in addition to amenity conditions. 

To suspend scores in such a way that the period of suspension can be flexible and related to the scale and complexity of the improvements that have been agreed and are being undertaken.

To report the outcomes of a compliance assessment involving periodic returns or other detailed reports to the operator within 28 days, to enable us to manage the workload of assessing many detailed reports which arrive simultaneously.

To explain how compliance assessment data is used in performance reporting and in the case of most waste activities and installations to generate annual subsistence charges

For waste activities and installations (with the exception of intensive farming sites that are part of farm assurance) the scores are added together each year to generate the compliance band, which is then used to apply a multiplier which determines the subsistence charge in the following year. As a consequence of the proposed changes, no permitted sites would be disadvantaged by a higher subsistence charge or a worse compliance band. 

We publish compliance data including banding on an annual basis, and so it is important that sites are in a compliance band which appropriately describes their level of impact or risk  

We propose to introduce any revisions from 1 January 2019 at the start of the compliance year. This will not affect subsistence charges for waste operations and installations until 2020.

The consultation is available here.

Two webinars for Q&A were held in October and links to the recordings are available here:

Wednesday 3rd October 2018:

Thursday 11th October 2018:

European Commission: Public consultation addressing the interface between chemical, product and waste legislation – closes 29 October 2018
This consultation builds upon the Commission's analysis of the Interface in the Communication published on 16th January 2018 and has the objective of assessing the reaction of stakeholders to the different options and questions posed in regard to the four main issues described in the Communication and accompanying Staff Working Document.
Click here for more details.

NDA and BEIS: Radioactive waste management strategy – closes 31 October 2018
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy are now seeking views on this single radioactive waste strategy that will apply to all radioactive waste generated within the NDA Group, including materials that may become waste at some point in the future.

End-of-life vehicles – evaluating the EU rules – closes 1 November 2018
This evaluation assesses how well the EU’s rules are working and whether they are delivering the expected benefits for the environment, the public and industry.

Defra: Consultation on WEEE compliance fee methodology 2018 – closes 18 November 2018
This consultation contains two proposals from external organisations for a compliance fee methodology and administrator for 2018 . Comments are invited on whether the Secretary of State should set a compliance fee for 2018 and if so the extent to which each of the proposals meet the published evaluation criteria. 





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