Consultation Responses 2022

CIWM response HTM 07 01 technical guidance review

CIWM Northern Ireland response on the assessment of technical competence under the NI Waste Management Licensing and Permitting Regime

CIWM Northern Ireland response Consultation for the reduction of single-use plastic beverage cups and food containers

CIWM Northern Ireland response Environment Strategy consultation
CIWM Scotland response Guiding principles on the environment: draft statutory guidance

CIWM response to Single-use plastic: banning the supply of commonly littered single-use plastic items

CIWM response to call for evidence on commonly littered and problematic plastic items

CIWM Scotland response Call for evidence: review of the role of incineration in the waste hierarchy

CIWM response Landfill tax review: call for evidence (England)

CIWM Cymru Wales response on revoking and withdrawing twenty nine waste standard rules permits

CIWM response to The OEP Strategy and Enforcement Policy  

CIWM Scotland response to An updated marine litter strategy for Scotland

CIWM Ireland response to Public consultation on the Draft National Food Waste Prevention Roadmap

CIWM Scotland response to National Litter and Fly-tipping Strategy

CIWM Scotland response to Draft National Planning Framework 4

CIWM response to consultation on waste carrier, broker, dealer reform in England

CIWM response to consultation on introduction of mandatory digital waste tracking

CIWM Ireland response microplastics pollution - measures to reduce its impact on the environment

CIWM response to Reforms to the Packaging Waste Note System and Operator Approval

CIWM response to Developing the UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ETS) - Chapter 7 is a call for evidence for expanding the scope of UKETS to incineration/ EfW/ ATT/ ACT    

CIWM response to Environmental Targets - Residual Waste and Resource Efficiency   

CIWM response to Consultation on preventing charges for DIY waste at household waste recycling centres and call for evidence on booking systems at household waste recycling centres

CIWM response to Landspreading to improve soil health

CIWM Ireland response to EU revision of Waste Framework Directive

CIWM Scotland response to Delivering Scotland's circular economy - proposed Circular Economy Bill  

CIWM Scotland response to Delivering Scotland’s circular economy: A Route Map to 2025 and beyond

CIWM Scotland response to Waste Treatment Consultation for BAT review

CIWM Cymru Wales response to Draft Environmental Protection (Single-use plastic products)(Wales) Bill

CIWM Ireland response to EU Public Consultation: Soil health – protecting, sustainably managing and restoring EU soils

CIWM response to Standard Rules No.25

CIWM Scotland response to Scottish Aggregates Levy consultation