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The packaging industry has seen significant change in recent years and there is more to come with the impending introduction of the new Extended Producer Responsibility system from 2023, and recycled content packaging tax (set at £200 a tonne in March this year) set to begin in 2022.

With global, complex supply chains, decisions on future packaging choices have to be made years in advance, and the sector’s preparations for this change are already well under way, some of which we are already seeing on the supermarket shelves including the rise of compostable packaging and some rationalisation of materials.

But what do these decisions mean for the producers, citizens and the resources and waste sector?  

Join our expert panel as we discuss the packaging industry’s response to date and its preparations for a fundamental system change, how these decisions will affect our sector, and how the value chain is and can continue to work together to create a versatile and effective system.

We’ll also explore how the expectations of those paying the estimated £1 billion of additional funding into the sector are likely to change, such as the increasing need for high quality recycled materials, and the accurate and timely data to manage the flow of funding – and what this means for future relationships between different parts of the supply chain.

Confirmed speakers:


  • Sarah Ottaway - Sustainability and Social Value Lead, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK


  • Libby Peake - Head of Resource Policy, Green Alliance
  • Joanne Bell - Brand Insight and Content Director, Free the Birds
  • Dr Adam Read - External Affairs Director, SUEZ and Senior Vice President, CIWM
  • Paul Vanston, Chief Executive, INCPEN
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Return to Work:  Practical Guidance for Employers

Friday 5 June | 11am – 12pm BST

In this webinar we shall discuss the practical issues a company needs to consider including: un-furloughing staff; resource requirements; and any associated redundancy or lay-off considerations post furlough.

We will also discuss the practical steps to consider when employees are returning to their normal place of work, which is likely to still include some social distancing.

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Live Q&A: HR Solutions

Thursday 11 June 2020 | 10am - 11am BST

CIWM members now have access to expert HR and employment law advice from HR Solutions and, as part of the launch of this new member benefit, we have invited HR Solutions to take part in a virtual Q&A session.

Simply submit any questions you have about HR or employment law on the registration page and HR Solutions will answer them during this hour-long webinar.

We’ll also be taking live questions during this session.

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RWM is the UK’s largest recycling, resources and waste management event, featuring over 180 speakers, 500 exhibitors and countless experiential features and live demonstrations.

In November 2019, RWM was acquired by ROAR B2B as part of a deal featuring a portfolio of specialist events previously owned by Prysm Media Group.

ROAR B2B brings together experienced event and media professionals with a single aim: to build events that make a real difference. They endeavour to create events which form an important part of the community in which operate, connecting the right buyers with the right suppliers in a comfortable and professional way.

In this webinar, Bradley Maule-ffinch, Group Managing Director of ROAR B2B, will share their vision for the future of this flagship industry event. He will then be joined by Sarah Poulter, CEO of CIWM, to answer your questions about RWM and share what you can look forward to as it continues to evolve in the months and years to come.

To submit a question for this webinar, simply include it in the 'Question' box on the registration page.

Over the last few years there has been an increase in the number of people who are opting to avoid single use plastic, and plastic in general, along with increasing interest in environmental and sustainability issues. Alternative packaging options in place of plastic have been on the market for some time, with both biodegradable and compostable options being preferred by consumers for the perceived environmental benefits.

Compostable items are made from organic material and can be used as compost when they decay, causing no harm to the environment through this process, but they do need to be exposed to exactly the right conditions for this decomposition to take place. Great examples of compostable items in the home are the potato starch food waste bin liners that are used by local authorities across the country – the same material used to make the Co-Ops new carrier bags. Further logical applications of compostable packaging would be coffee capsules, as the grounds are already compostable but the containers are not, and fast food packaging, as this is often contaminated with food waste thereby this could all be disposed of together in the food waste container.

With consumers continuing to be engaged with recyclable and eco-friendly solutions, we may see compostable solutions growing in popularity rapidly meaning that the waste management supply chain will need to learn to deal with them as part of the system. But how will the treatment sector manage with so many varieties in packaging types and materials? Which specifications should they work towards?

While there are many lessons already learned from introducing compostable products into consumer lives, and through this ‘greening’ process there may be benefits from the packaging and waste sectors working – and learning – together, and potentially designing new facilities to meet future disposal requirements. With a long list of considerations to factor in, including how this packaging should be collected, and how EPR will work for these materials which are effectively removed from the cycle?

Join our expert panel as they look to explore the role that compostable packaging may play in our future lives, and how we may manage these new and varied materials in our waste streams. With panellists from Co-Op, REA and WRAP contributing their depth of knowledge to this informal discussion and attempt at answering some of the key questions for the waste – and other – industries!

Confirmed speakers:

  • Iain Ferguson - Environment Manager, Co-Op
  • Emily Nicols - Technical Manager, REA – Organics Recycling Group
  • Tony Breton - Marketing Specialist – UK & Ireland, Novamont
  • Helen Bird - Strategic Engagement Manager, WRAP
CIWM members have priority booking for this webinar. Registration will open to non-members on Wednesday 3 June 2020.



CIWM Midlands, South West and Cymru Wales Centre Webinar and Interactive World Café: Reducing the UK's illegal footprint
Delivered in partnership with Urbaser Ltd Gloucestershire Energy

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Morning session:
Open webinar (10.30am-midday BST) | Afternoon session: Interactive session (12.30-3.00pm BST)

The scale of waste crime remains stubbornly high and there is little sign of it reducing. The more recent involvement of serious and organised criminals along with the growing difficulties to find markets for recycled materials and collapsing oil prices depressing financial return has added to the challenge for the sector and regulators. This event brings together three CIWM regional Centres – Midlands, South West and Wales – to look for new solutions.  


  • Martin Brocklehurst - CIWM Midlands Centre
  • Robert Little - CIWM Cymru Wales Centre
  • Hannah Lawrie - CIWM South West Centre

Morning session:

  • Stacey Wright – Javelin Park Waste to Energy Manager, Urbaser Ltd
  • Dan Cooke – Director of External Affairs, Viridor; Right Waste Right Place Campaign
  • Jane Stewart – Topolytics, Smart Waste Tracking
  • Phil Davies – Head of Joint Unit for Waste Crime
  • Andy Watkins – Waste Crime Engagement Specialist, Environment Agency


Afternoon session: World Café Format

During the afternoon sessions, we will follow a World Café format to identify and document changes that will build on current initiatives to enable our industry to fully use emerging technologies to: 

  • de-bottleneck flows of secondary raw materials back into productive use
  • bring transparency to waste material flows from source to final destination
  • revolutionise data on commercial and industrial wastes being produced by waste producers in the UK
  • learn the lessons from the roll out of Waste Data Flow which transformed data on municipal waste

We will seek the answers to the following questions:

  • 'Cradle to grave' management of waste; what is current best practice
  • 'Cradle to grave' management of recyclate; what is current best practice
  • What critical changes are required to secure effective positive value markets for secondary raw materials and how can we secure them

Closing session
: Interactive feedback and discussion session

  • CIWM members: free
  • Non-members: £10 + VAT
In the event places in the afternoon are not fully taken up by CIWM Members spaces will be offered for no additional cost to non-members

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Similar to municipal waste in terms of composition, materials and calorific value, municipal-like wastes are those collected from industrial, commercial and other locations. The volumes collected contribute to the recycling targets for local authorities and can also be used in the production of refuse-derived fuel. But this waste stream has not been given much focus previously.
Our expert panel with representatives from industry bodies and local authorities who are already managing their municipal-like volumes will discuss the opportunities, requirements, and expectations of how managing municipal-like is similar to, and different from municipal.
With exploration into efficient collection methods and possible franchising options, the panel will explore the systems currently in place around the world, drawing on examples from Germany and New York, to better understand how the UK might bring municipal-like operations to the fore.

Chair: Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director from SUEZ/CIWM Senior Vice President

Confirmed speakers:

  • Chris Mills - WRAP
  • Dr Andy Rees OBE - Head of Waste Strategy, Welsh Government
  • Trevor Nicoll - Head of Environment Services for South Cambridgeshire District Council, and Head of Shared Waste for the Greater Cambridge Waste Service & CIWM President
CIWM members have priority booking for this webinar. Registration will open to non-members on Thursday 25 June 2020.

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