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As a Chartered member of CIWM you will fully demonstrate your achievements and commitment to the resource and waste management profession.

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If you are already a member and are looking to upgrade to Chartered Waste Manager please login to your Members Page, click on My Account and then on the Upgrade Tab.You will then see the application form which will already be populated with the information from your membership record. You will also be able to save your application and return to it at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chartered Membership right for me?

Chartered membership (Chartered Waste Manager) is perfect for you if you are looking to make a really strong statement about your achievements in the wastes management industry and demonstrate your commitment to the profession. If you’ve held another grade of CIWM membership for at least 6 months and meet one of these 3 entry routes, you are welcome to apply:

  1. Have a degree or post-graduate qualification and have a minimum of four years relevant, continuous experience in wastes management including learning and development.
  2. Are a Corporate (Full) Member of a relevant Chartered Institution and haves a minimum of two years relevant continuous experience in wastes management.
  3. Have at least 5 years relevant continuous experience in wastes management, including learning and development. This route is the Experienced Practitioner Route, which involves the submission of a report with your application demonstrating how you meet key competencies achieved through practical experience in wastes management. Click here to find out more.

What are the benefits of Chartered membership?

Chartered members (also known as Full Members or Corporate Members) receive many of the benefits that other CIWM members receive. A full list of benefits can be found here. In addition, Chartered members can use the designatory letters “MCIWM” and the title Chartered Waste Manager, which are instantly recognisable as a connection to CIWM and professional competence. Chartered membership demonstrates passion and commitment to the wastes management industry. This will help demonstrate to employers, clients and your networks that you are a qualified professional in the waste and resources industry.

Chartered Members can also apply to become a Chartered Environmentalist, with the designatory letter “CEnv”.

How do I transfer to Chartered Membership?

It’s simple. Login to your account and go to the 'Upgrade' Tab. You can save the form at any time and return to it from your online account, via the “Applications” tab. You will need to upload copies of any relevant certificates, a copy of your CV and a learning and development record (such as a training log, showing details of any learning and development activities you have undertaken). You will also need to provide two referees to support your application and they should be Chartered members of CIWM or another professional institution.

You should also look to attend one of our Chartered workshops. These are held in all regions and devolved countries of the UK twice per year. They are free and last about 2 hours, covering all aspects of a Chartered application and the professional interview, which all candidates need to attend. Click here to find details of dates, venues and booking links for Chartered workshops, plus dates for application deadlines and professional interview dates, depending on where you wish to have your interview.

What commitments do I have as a Chartered member?

As a Chartered member you are committing to professional standards within the wastes management industry. As a Chartered member you will be encouraged to get involved in CIWM activities and make the most of your membership. The time committed is up to you! You are also obligated to keep a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) record to demonstrate your commitment to professionalism, high standards and keeping up to date. By getting involved in CIWM activities and using CIWM resources regularly, a thorough Continuing Professional Development (CPD) record can easily be achieved.

What is the cost of Chartered membership?

Chartered membership is £200 per annum. In addition, the fee for Chartered applications, which covers the costs associated with the application and professional interview, is £125.

What happens next?

As soon as we have your application and it has been approved, we will send you an invoice for your professional interview fee, confirm the date of your professional interview and write to your sponsors for references. The venue, time and panel members for your interview will be advised approximately 2 weeks before the interview date. We recommend that you put the interview date in your diary and keep the date clear as far as possible. The interview lasts approx. 50 minutes and guidance notes will be sent to you.

What other grades of membership are there?

Some Chartered members go on to become Fellows of CIWM, when they have been Chartered for at least 7 years.

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