Workshop and Interview Programme 2024

CIWM has four session application deadlines for those applying to become a Chartered Waste Manager.

There are three key dates for each session.

  1. A free workshop for those wishing to understand more about the application process and discuss any queries they have.  
  2. The application deadline.
  3. The professional interview.

You’ll find more details about the process on our Chartered membership page, as well as in the frequently asked questions section at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming Chartered Workshop 

Chartered Session 2

Workshop date: Tuesday 23 April - book your place at this workshop here

Application deadline: Friday 24 May

Chartered Drop-In Session: What happens at interview and your presentation - Tuesday 18 June 2024, 12:00pm - Click here to join on the day

Professional Interview dates:

- Monday 24 June
- Tuesday 25 June
- Wednesday 26 June


If you have any questions or would like to discuss your own application please contact us:
01604 620426.

Download our Chartered guidance document here.


Unable to make the upcoming session?             

hartered Session 3

Chartered Session 3

Workshop date: 
Tuesday 25 July - b
ook your place at this workshop here

Application deadline: Tuesday 27 August

Chartered Drop-In Session - What happens at interview and your presentation - Wednesday 18 September 2024 12:00 PM - Click here to join on the day

Professional Interview dates:

- Monday 23 September
- Tuesday 24 September
- Wednesday 25 September

Chartered Session 4

Workshop date: Tuesday 15 October - book your place at this workshop here

Application deadline: Tuesday 12 November

Chartered Drop-In Session - What happens at interview and your presentation - Wednesday 27 November 2024 12:00 PM - Click here to join on the day

Professional Interview dates:

- Monday 9 December
- Tuesday 10 December
- Wednesday 11 December

~ Frequently Asked Questions~

Is there a charge to attend the Becoming Chartered workshop?


Do I have to be a CIWM Member to attend the workshop?

No, anyone is welcome to attend the workshop however we strongly recommend that all candidates who wish to apply for Chartered Waste Manager should be a member of CIWM for at least 6 months prior to applying. By joining CIWM before you apply you will have access to the CIWM member magazine, member newsletter and technical support, all of which will help you to develop your knowledge of the wider sector and ensure you are up to date with legislation, policy and hot topics in the sector ahead of your professional interview.

How do I book a place on the workshop?

In each session section above you will find a link to book a place on the workshop. If there is no link, please send an email to to find out when the date will be confirmed.

Where will my professional interview be?

The time for your professional interview will be advised approximately 2 weeks before the professional interview date. The panel for the professional interview will depend upon the number of applications received, expertise of candidates and availability of interviewers. Where possible we try to match Chartered candidates with at least one panellist from the same sector. The professional interviews will take place virtually over a Zoom video call. There will be several panels taking place for each upgrade session and the panel for the professional interview are organised after the application deadline for each session.

I'm busy on the professional interview date for the upgrade session. Can I have my professional interview in another upgrade session?

Yes, but you must state your preferred date from the options available when you submit your application and ensure that your application is submitted by the corresponding session application deadline.

If I attend a workshop do I have to apply for Chartered membership by the stated deadline?

No. The workshops are there to support you as you decide whether to apply, prepare your application and to ensure you know what to expect at all stages in the process. Some candidates apply by the deadline while others choose to wait until a later application period if they feel they need a bit more time to develop in the profession. We will fully support you in putting together your development plans inline with the competences required for Chartered membership and recommend coming to the workshop so you can create your own action plan once you fully understand the process.

I can’t attend a workshop; can I still apply?

Yes, the workshops are not compulsory and there are many other ways you can get information and support for your Chartered application.

  1. Take a look through the Chartered membership pages on our website, including the case studies which will give you some insight into the experiences of some of our existing Chartered Waste Managers.
  2. Read the candidate guidance notes which provide a detailed outline of the process.
  3. Contact your CIWM Regional Centre to find out if they can link you with an experienced interviewer or Chartered Waste Manager who can support you in the application process.
  4. Contact the membership team at CIWM to discuss your queries.