CIWM offers valuable end-point assessments for resource and waste apprenticeships that allow your organisation to unlock future talent.

End-point assessments for apprenticeships -

Apprenticeships provide long-term training to individuals who have the potential to benefit the sector and your organisation. Whether you’re an employer or training provider, CIWM delivers learning and development initiatives that strengthen the skills and capabilities of your future employees, and that can support your apprenticeship programme delivery.

If someone has just left education or is seeking a change in their career, CIWM is committed to helping individuals understand more about how they can access resource and waste management training and navigate how it works.

Apprenticeships are available at 6 levels from the equivalent of a GCSE up to a master’s degree, and some also include additional qualifications. Most apprenticeships last 12 months; however, some, such as degree apprenticeships, can take up to five years.

CIWM offers impartial end-point assessments (EPAs) for resource and waste apprenticeships that assess a candidate's skills, knowledge and behaviours against the apprenticeship end-point assessment plan. EPAs are the final stage of an apprenticeship and if passed, lead to apprenticeship certification.

Give your business access to the sector’s future talent through CIWM’s end-point assessments today.

The benefits of resource and waste apprenticeships -

Changes to apprenticeships and the introduction of a levy, paid by all organisations in the UK with a wage bill of more than £3m, has generated greater interest in apprenticeships than ever before.

Hiring an apprentice is a practical way to nurture talent that benefits the long-term future of your organisation. Investing in apprenticeships is a cost-effective solution that allows you to develop a motivated, skilled and extensively-qualified team.

Apprenticeships are an opportunity for potential industry talent to grow and learn, whether they’re changing careers or taking that first step into the world of work.

For employers and training providers, our highly experienced and professional team deliver EPAs that establish if a candidate meets the required apprenticeship standards.

Why choose CIWM? -

CIWM’s mission is to move the world beyond waste. To achieve this, the sector requires top talent to drive innovation. This is why our team is so passionate about delivering apprenticeship EPAs as it helps us create opportunities for future resource and waste professionals.

To ensure our EPAs meet the highest-quality standards, CIWM only works with assessors who are highly experienced and have relevant technical competence.

We pride ourselves on our first-in-class customer service. Working with CIWM ensures you always have a dedicated professional available to discuss the process – whether this is by phone, email or through regular 1-1 meetings, either virtually or face-to-face.

As the professional body and authority for resources and wastes, CIWM understands the knowledge and skills it takes to be a success in the industry. That’s why our EPAs demonstrate that successful candidates are always ready to have a positive impact on the sector.

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