Facts for Apprentices

This fact sheet is written for apprentices who are looking to start or are already working as an apprentice in the resource and waste management industries.

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Apprenticeships are changing, from Spring 2017 large organisations have been paying a levy which they can use to pay for apprenticeship training. This has resulted in many more opportunities for potential apprentices and for those already in work to become an apprentice.

As an apprentice you spend most of your time working for your employer and some of it in training. You will learn practical skills and gain knowledge so that you can do your job safely and effectively and understand more about the behaviours that are needed to be a successful employee in the resource and waste management sector.

You must be over 16 to start an apprenticeship but some employers require that you are over 18.

Apprenticeships are available at six levels from the equivalent of a GCSE up to a masters’ degree. Some apprenticeships also include an additional qualification. Most apprenticeships last twelve months, but some of the higher apprenticeships, such as degree apprenticeships can take up to five years.

There are three steps to finding an apprenticeship. The government has set up an apprenticeship finder service which has a search facility for you to use to find an apprenticeship. You then create an account, sign in and complete and submit your application. See link below.

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