CIWM Webinars and Masterclasses 

Working closely with industry experts and carefully selected partners, CIWM delivers a wide range of webinars and masterclasses throughout the year at a variety of locations which will broaden your knowledge, increase your skills and bring you face to face with thought leaders and innovators from across the industry.

Current Open Webinars:

Best practice: the local authority procurement toolkit 2018 - Tuesday 08 May 2018 at 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.
Join us for this best practice sharing session, with speakers from SUEZ recycling and recovery UK and Ricardo, who will be walking you through their guidelines for efficient procuring of services and solutions. This best practice guide, which draws on insights from local authority officers, waste management companies, financial and legal advisors will help you plan for your next procurement process to minimise delays, avoid common pitfalls and reduce your expenditure. If you are getting ready for procuring collection, cleansing or recyclates contract in the next three years, this informative webinar session is for you. Register here.

Upcoming webinars & masterclasses will available for booking here, do check back regularly for updates! Spaces are limited for all webinars, so ensure you register early.

Previous Member Webinars:

There are a number of CIWM Member past webinars. The recordings are available to Members for download in MP4 format, please note these webinars are member only and require users to sign-in to their accounts:

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Previous Co-hosted Webinars:

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