CIWM Webinars and Masterclasses 

Working closely with industry experts and carefully selected partners, CIWM delivers a wide range of webinars and masterclasses throughout the year at a variety of locations which will broaden your knowledge, increase your skills and bring you face to face with thought leaders and innovators from across the industry.

Current Open Webinars:

Upcoming webinars & masterclasses will available for booking here, do check back regularly for updates! Spaces are limited for all webinars, so ensure you register early.

Previous Member Webinars:

There are a number of CIWM Member past webinars. The recordings are available to Members for download in MP4 format, please note these webinars are member only and require users to sign-in to their accounts:

Follow this link for a full list of past member webinars

Previous Co-hosted Webinars:

Click on the links below to register and listen to past webinars that have been co-hosted by CIWM

Getting involved

Looking to co-host a webinar?

Should you wish to be involved in co-hosting a Webinar with CIWM, get in touch with Ginny Hunter on 01604 823346 or email

What would you like to see in a CIWM webinar?

If you have a specific topic or sector/industry theme you would like to see as a webinar subject get in touch to register your interest by contacting the Education & Training team on 01604 620426 or email us at

Do you have an interesting and informative topic to share?

If you are interested in being a panellist on a webinar why not let us know? Contact the Education & Training team on 01604 620426 or email us at

Previous Webinar Partners