If you’re responsible for managing clinical and healthcare waste, you’ll know how complex it can be, how important it is to get it right and be aware of the increasing scrutiny from the Environment Agency. 

Together, CIWM and our network of members have a wealth of expertise and can help you with compliance and practical issues.

CIWM offers a range of support, resources and development opportunities for those whose role includes clinical and healthcare waste management.

This includes those working in the NHS, private sector and in organisations that produce healthcare waste outside of a hospital environment.

CIWM is currently in discussions with the Environment Agency to establish what knowledge, skills and best practice the regulator expects from those managing clinical and healthcare waste, with a view to potentially develop further opportunities and resources to fit these specific needs.

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Managing healthcare waste guides – free downloads

The following guides were produced by the CIWM Healthcare Waste Special Interest Group. Find out more about the Special Interest Group, participate or follow activities here.

This guide is aimed at producers of healthcare waste.

It covers legal compliance and practical guidance on how to handle, treat and dispose of healthcare waste safely, cost effectively and in a manner that does not impact negatively on the environment.

This guidance focuses on the key issues associated with management of waste by individuals or carers in the home environment. 

It provides straightforward advice which will support consistent waste management practice and improve safety.

This guidance document is for those managing healthcare type wastes produced at premises that aren't considered traditional healthcare providers.

It outlines basic legal requirements and helps the reader segregate and manage their waste effectively.

A guidance document for large healthcare waste producers in England.

Waste pre-acceptance is the process of assessing the characteristics of a waste to enable a decision to be made about the appropriate disposal or recovery method for the waste. 

Healthcare waste training and skills development

CIWM runs a number of training courses relevant to those managing clinical waste and healthcare waste. CIWM members receive a 20% discount on all courses.

Waste Aware 

This interactive training course, delivered via e-learning, provides a fantastic introduction to good practice in sustainable waste and resource management and is perfect for those who are new to the sector. For more information, click here.

Duty of Care*

Understand your duty of care responsibilities, how to comply with waste legislation, the waste code of practice and how to avoid waste crime. For more information, click here.

Classification and Coding*

Learn how to correctly classify and code hazardous waste in line with the most up-to-date regulations and guidance. For more information, click here.

Introduction to the Management of Wastes and Resources

This comprehensive three-day course will give you an understanding of the broad scope of the waste and resources management sector and practical experience to help you do your job. For more information, click here.

Essential Hazardous Waste Management training

Hazardous waste management involves compliance with additional waste duty of care regulations. If you produce or handle hazardous waste you must ensure it causes no damage or harm. For more information, click here .

Healthcare Waste training

In response the Environment Agency increasing its expectations around how NHS Trusts manage waste, CIWM is exploring the possibility of re-introducing courses specifically tailored to healthcare waste management.

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*Book both Duty of Care and Classification and Coding at the same time to save 10%. T&Cs apply.

Knowledge and news

A wealth of knowledge, news and articles on clinical and healthcare waste management can be found at Circular Online.

Some of this is open content available to everyone, while members have access to additional resources in the CIWM Knowledge Centre.

CIWM members also have access to our bi-monthly printed magazine, Circular.

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Healthcare Waste Technical Community

The Healthcare Waste Technical Community (TC) enables healthcare waste professionals to share ideas, best practice and expertise between themselves and with the wider sector.

Hosted on CIWM's Connect platform it is where CIWM members can discuss topics, ask or reply to questions, even if not working in the healthcare waste sector. CIWM encourages all members to engage with this TC. CIWM's Policy and Technical Team post relevant information here for members to access, including changes to legislation.

If you’re not a member of CIWM but interested in participating in the TC, please email technical@ciwm.co.uk

CIWM membership and affiliation for the healthcare sector

CIWM Affiliate membership is available to anyone and offers a range of knowledge and learning benefits and discounts for professionals working in all areas of the resources sector.

Chartered membership is a recognised professional qualification that reflects your professionalism and knowledge in resources and waste management. To become a Chartered Resource and Waste Manager, you must undergo an interview process and will be asked to demonstrate your experience within the sector. When you become Chartered, you can also apply to become a Chartered Environmentalist.

Healthcare organisations, such as care homes or NHS Trusts, also have the opportunity to become a CIWM Affiliated Organisation.

Becoming an Affiliated Organisation means signing up to the CIWM ‘Code of Conduct’, which demonstrates to customers and regulators that, as an organisation, you’re serious about achieving the highest levels of professionalism and compliance. As an Affiliated Organisation, Affiliate membership for two of your staff is included.

Find out more about becoming a member or becoming affiliated with CIWM.