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Being connected with CIWM shows your organisation’s commitment to sustainable resources and waste management, whilst also giving you access to a wide range of tools to help your business – and your staff – achieve success.

You’ll benefit from our extensive knowledge and expertise, have opportunities to connect with our thousands-strong network of industry leaders, and be able to align yourself with our highly-regarded professional standards.

As a business, you can be part of CIWM in one of three ways: as a Network Partner, an Affiliated Organisation, or a Commercial Partner. Read on to find out more about how you can get involved and help us shape the future of the sector.

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Transform your Team

Being part of CIWM gives you access to a supportive community, cutting-edge knowledge and information, and valuable networking opportunities that will enhance your team’s expertise and visibility.

Expert connections - With access to an unparalleled network of industry leaders, the connections you make will provide opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and potential business opportunities.
Learning and development - You’ll have access to first-class training opportunities to help you upskill your team, setting them – and you – up for continued success.
Shaping the future - As part of CIWM, you’ll have the chance to drive positive change and help shape the future of the resources and waste management sector as we continue our journey to a world beyond waste.
Commitment to excellence - By aligning your business with CIWM, you’re showing your commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest professional standards.
Business development - Your affiliation with CIWM will enable you to explore partnership opportunities that can drive innovation and growth.

Network Partner

As a trade organisation, this exclusive partnership will inspire your members to strive for the same level of dedication, showing customers and regulators you're serious about achieving and upholding the highest levels of professionalism and compliance.

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Affiliated Organisation

Being affiliated with CIWM demonstrates your commitment to the sector, provides an opportunity to network with a wide range of leading organisations, and gives you access to valuable learning and development support for your team.

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Commercial Partner

As a Commercial Partner, not only are you an Affiliated Organisation but you also have access to a bespoke marketing package and specialist coverage from the CIWM media team, helping you raise your profile in the sector.

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Get in touch to discuss which corporate package is right for you and your business so you can start enjoying the benefits of this exclusive partnership.

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