Organisation Packages

Many organisations in the waste and resources industry want to have a connection to CIWM to help them achieve company or organisational objectives. There are 2 key ways in which organisations can be associated with CIWM and build on CIWM’s wide network of people, knowledge and professional standards. Our 2 packages are briefly described below and you can click on links to find out more information to decide which one may best suit your needs.

Affiliated Organisations

Signing up to follow the CIWM Affiliated Organisation ‘Code of Conduct’ demonstrates to customers and regulators that you’re serious about achieving the highest levels of professionalism and compliance. You’ll also gain access to a whole range of exclusive business support and development opportunities, from free technical advice to marketing to new customers.

Your staff receive tangible benefits too - individual affiliate memberships of CIWM are included in your package. When you give your team CIWM membership, you support them in their personal and professional development. Investing in your team in this way is great for morale, and creates a reputation of employer excellence for your organisation.

For more information on Affiliated Organisations - Follow this link

Business Partner

This option is about raising your company’s profile through the CIWM network…

As a CIWM Business Partner, your company has access to sales and marketing opportunities to raise the profile of your company through the extensive CIWM network. This includes managing directors, senior buyers and major influencers within the industry. With 2 tailored packages available, companies can choose Silver or Gold options to access discounted printed advertising, exhibition opportunities, conference sponsorship, prestigious speaking opportunities, commissioning research and online adverts. All CIWM Business Partners receive CIWM Affiliated Organisation benefits too.

For more information on Business Partnership - Follow this link

We’re here to help you with any queries and questions you may have, so if you would like to chat to us about your options please call us on 01604 823336 or email