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The most powerful statement you can make about your commitment to excellence in sustainable resource management is to become a CIWM Network Partner.

As a trade organisation, this commitment demonstrates that you’re serious about championing the highest levels of professionalism and compliance. You’ll also gain access to a whole range of exclusive support, from opportunities to promote your organisation to knowledge and information that you can share with your members.

Your members receive tangible benefits, too. They’ll enjoy an exclusive discount on our Affiliated Organisation packages, as well as access to first-class training and technical support.

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Benefits for Your Organisation

  • Use the CIWM Network Partner logo and certificate to demonstrate commitment to the sector
  • Keep your members informed by sharing the latest news and regional updates from CIWM
  • Access technical advice on waste management issues, training and education courses
  • Promote your organisation with access to complimentary advertising opportunities in our award-winning Circular portfolio

Benefits for Your Members

  • Enjoy exclusive savings on CIWM Affiliated Organisation packages
  • Stay up to date with the latest news and regional updates from CIWM
  • Access technical advice on waste management issues
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts on advertising opportunities and tickets to CIWM events, training and conferences
  • Access learning and development opportunities for all experience levels

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Network Partner Prices

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Our standard annual package starts at just £1,000 + VAT.

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Get in touch to discuss which corporate package is right for you and your business so you can start enjoying the benefits of this exclusive partnership.

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