The Professional Development Network, replacing our current New Member Network, is a brand new member benefit which we're confident will help to deliver 'Skills for the Future' which are so essential to our sector. If you are early in your career, this network will give you the resources, support and guidance to build long lasting connections, continue your professional development and start your journey on building skills for the future.

Some of the most senior and successful professionals in resource and waste management will tell you that making the most of CIWM membership from their early career was invaluable. The PDN will help you follow in their footsteps.

You’ll be joining a group of like-minded people and will have access to dedicated webinars, events, meetings, site visits, mentoring programmes and more. At every step, you’ll be supported by CIWM staff and our PDN coordinators who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

Meet the coordinators!

East Anglia:
Anna Willetts
James Benn
North West:
Mohar Das
North East:
Lisbeth Baxter
Evonne Cannan
Veronica Formosa-Hamilton

Northern Ireland:
Ciara Devine
South West:
Tessa Bowering
Iain Stevens
Jack Stevens
Republic of Ireland:
Enda Kiernan
London & SC:
Emma Copley
Rebecca Maskrey
Helen Dennis
Jackie Fitzgerald
Bethan Thomas
Michael Knott
Members Council Representative:
Joshua Kelly
Steering Group Principal Lead:
Evonne Cannan
Enda Kiernan & Veronica Formosa-Hamilton

CIWM Connect

Chat with your fellow PDN members on CIWM Connect here.