Consultation Responses 2020

CIWM response Sustainable Resource Forum Energy From Waste Inquiry 2020

CIWM Scotland response SEPA Non-hazardous Landfill Permit

CIWM response QP Bio waste review

CIWM response Basel guidelines plastic waste

CIWM Northern Ireland response DAERA Waste Prevention Programme 2019 Stakeholder Consultation

CIWM Scotland response Scottish Government Just Transition Commission Call For Evidence

CIWM Cymru Wales response Beyond Recycling

CIWM response Plastic Tax policy design

CIWM Scotland response Scottish Government Infrastructure Investment Plan 2021 - 2026

CIWM response Appropriate measures of bio-treatment of waste

CIWM Ireland response DRS models for Ireland

CIWM Cymru Wales response on plans to reduce single use plastics in Wales

CIWM response Draft Waste Management Plan for England

CIWM Northern Ireland response to DUP policy on Future Infrastructure Investment and Delivery

CIWM response Retained EU Case Law

CIWM Scotland response The management and disposal of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in Scotland

CIWM and IOM3 response Comprehensive Spending Review

CIWM Scotland response A National Mission with Local Impact - draft infrastructure investment plan 2021‑2022 to 2025‑2026

CIWM Scotland response Revised guidance regarding provision and assessment of technically competent management at licensed waste management facilities

CIWM Scotland response Draft Strategy for Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Research 2022-2027

CIWM Scotland Final Response to SEPA consultation on the revised guidance on the use of enforcement action

CIWM response SEPA amendment of conditions radioactive substances

CIWM response BEIS CHP route to 2050 call for evidence