Consultation Responses 2023

CIWM Cymru response to Fairer and Simpler Environmental Regulatory Charging Scheme

CIWM Ireland response to Bioeconomy Action Plan

CIWM response to Policy Considerations for Contract for Difference for Low Carbon Electricity Generation

CIWM response to EFRA Committee Call for Evidence: Soil Health

CIWM Cymru response to Separate Collection of Waste Materials for Recycling: Code of Practice for Wales

CIWM Cymru response to Proposals for Enforcing Business, Third and Public Sector Recycling Regulations in Wales

CIWM Ireland response to End of Waste Decision Recycled Aggregates

CIWM response to DLUHC on Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill 

CIWM Northern Ireland response to Draft Circular Economy Strategy for Northern Ireland

CIWM Cymru response to Review of Wales’ renewable energy targets

CIWM response to Amendments to the persistent organic pollutants (POPs) regulation

CIWM response to EFRA Committee call for evidence - Resources and Waste provisional Common Framework

CIWM Ireland response to EU New product priorities for Ecodesign for Sustainable Products

CIWM response to Policy Connect Call for Evidence: Reusable Packaging and the Circular Economy

CIWM Cymru response to Proposals for enforcement of the Environmental Protection (Single-use Plastic Products) (Wales) Bill

CIWM Ireland response to National Waste Management Plan for a Circular Economy

CIWM response to Call for Evidence: Near elimination of biodegradable waste disposal in landfill from 2028

CIWM Ireland response to Call for Expert Evidence - Climate Action Plan 2024

CIWM response to Consultation on amendments to the use of fixed penalty receipts for litter, fly-tipping and breach of household waste duty of care

CIWM Ireland response to Public consultation on Disposable Vaping Devices

CIWM Ireland response to Public Consultation on the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications Research and Innovation Strategy

CIWM response to Call for evidence: The Government’s resources and waste reforms for England

CIWM Scotland response to Circular Economy (Scotland) Bill

CIWM Ireland response to Proposal for a directive on common rules promoting the repair of goods

CIWM Cymru response to Priorities for the Climate Change, Environment, and Infrastructure Committee

CIWM response to UK battery strategy - call for evidence

CIWM response to Plastic packaging tax - chemical recycling and adoption of a mass balance approach

CIWM Northern Ireland response to Northern Ireland 2030 & 2040 Emissions Reduction Targets & First Three Carbon Budgets & Seeking views on Climate Change Committee (CCC) Advice Report: The path to a Net Zero Northern Ireland

CIWM response to Smarter Regulation: Fire safety of domestic upholstered furniture

CIWM Ireland response to Draft National By-Product Criteria Reference Number BP-N002/2023 determining when greenfield soil and stone from undeveloped land

CIWM Ireland response to Soil health – protecting sustainably managing and restoring EU soils        

CIWM Cymru response to Consultation on revoking and withdrawing eight standard rules permits

CIWM response to Development of the Voluntary Code of Conduct on the sustainable use of plastics in agriculture

CIWM Cymru response to Consultation on our Proposed Installations Banding Tool  

CIWM Ireland response to Green Public Procurement

CIWM response to Consultation on additional policies related to Simpler Recycling in England - CWR 2012