Current Consultations and Enquiries

CIWM likes to respond, as best it can, to all consultations - therefore input from members is vital.  If you would like to submit a response to any consultation below please send your comments to the Technical Team on at least one week before the closing date of the consultation.

New consultations and closing date reminders are always posted on the Member Newsletter (previously known as News Online and is the weekly Technical Newsletter exclusive to CIWM members), this page shows the list of consolidated UK wide consultations that CIWM are aware of, however, CIWM will not necessarily be responding to every consultation in this list.

Responses to past consultations can be viewed using the links in the box on the right of this page.  If you require any further information please contact the Technical Team.

Current consultations awaiting response:

Revised guidance regarding provision and assessment of technically competent management at licensed waste management facilities - due 27 November 2020

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) proposes to alter the existing guidance document, WST-G-002 Provision and assessment of technically competent management at licensed waste management facilities. The changes reflect the fact that SEPA will now assess technical competence on the basis of any known previous compliance history as well as on approved qualifications held or bespoke assessment undertaken, rather than focusing only on the latter as was the case previously. This change has been contemplated for some time to reflect SEPA’s view that compliance is non-negotiable and is underpinned by our One Planet Prosperity regulatory strategy.

Consultation on the revised guidance on the use of enforcement action - due 15 December 2020

For SEPA as a regulator, enforcement is an essential part of our toolkit. Following the 2014 act, the 2015 Environmental Regulation (Enforcement Measures) (Scotland) Order gave us the power to impose variable monetary penalties (VMPs) as well as giving us the power to use other enforcement measures, all where a relevant offence has been committed. We recognise the need to be proportionate, consistent, accountable and transparent. We will ensure there is strong governance in place, as outlined in this consultation document, and we will review our use of VMPs, including the way we calculate penalties, in the future.

Introducing market restrictions on single-use plastic items in Scotland - due 4 January 2021

This consultation proposes the introduction of market restrictions – effectively a ban – on the most commonly littered single-use plastic items found on European beaches. It represents an important next step in our efforts to tackle our plastic problem, allowing us to maintain pace with the environmental standards of our European partners while re-affirming Scotland’s position as a world-leader in the circular economy.


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