Current Consultations and Enquiries

CIWM likes to respond, as best it can, to all consultations therefore input from members is vital.  If you would like to submit a response to any consultation below please send your comments to the Technical Team on at least one week before the closing date of the consultation.

New consultations and closing date reminders are always posted on the Member Newsletter (previously known as News Online and is the weekly Technical Newsletter exclusive to CIWM members), this page shows the list of consolidated UK wide consultations that CIWM are aware of, however, CIWM will not necessarily be responding to every consultation in this list.

Responses to past consultations can be viewed using the links in the box on the right of this page.  If you require any further information please contact the Technical Team.

Current consultations awaiting response:


Environment Agency: Designing and building your landfill – closes 22 February 2019
This draft for consultation of the ‘designing and building your landfill’ part of what will be our amended landfill sector note.  This will eventually replace the landfill engineering sections of the current landfill sector guidance (How to comply with your environmental permit: Additional guidance for Landfill (EPR 5.02)).  If you would like to comment on the latest version of this note please email Darren Legge at

Defra – Consultation on the proposal to extend the single-use plastic bag charge to all retailers and to increase the minimum charge to 10p – closes 22 February 2019
The purpose of this consultation is to find out what you think about our plans to extend the Single-use Carrier Bag Charge to all retailers. We also want to know what you think about increasing the minimum charge to 10p.
These changes will build on the success of the existing Single Use Carrier Bags charge in reducing the effect of plastic bags in the environment.

Environment Agency: consultation on revisions to our public participation statement – closes 1 March 2019
The Environment Agency are proposing to review their public participation statement for environmental permitting.
The statement explains when and how we consult on permit applications and standard rules for environmental permits.   

Medium Combustion Plant Directive and Specified Generator Regulations – closes 5 March 2019
Standard rules permit application and support and bespoke permit applications and support for medium combustion plant and specific generators.  

The treatment of electricity storage within the planning system – closes 25 March 2019
The Progress Update to the Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan, published in October 2018, stated that we would consult on the treatment of electricity storage within the planning system

Waste and recycling: making recycling collections consistent in England - closes 13 May 2019
Seeking views on plans to make local authorities collect the same kind of materials for household recycling and on improving how businesses recycle in England. 

Introducing a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for drinks containers (bottles and cans) - closes 13 May 2019
We are seeking views on proposals to introduce a deposit return scheme for drinks containers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  

Packaging waste: changing the UK producer responsibility system for packaging waste - closes 13 May 2019
Seeking views on reforming the UK regulations on producer responsibility for packaging waste

Plastic packaging tax - closes 12 May 2019
Seeking views on the design of the tax on plastic packaging announced at Budget 2018.


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