Apologies to Jeremy Paxman, Patron of Clean Up Britain


11 June 2019

We need to apologise to Jeremy Paxman, Clean Up Britain's Patron. A sentence was included in a written interview with Jeremy Paxman, and which we deliberately omitted.

At the time, we did not feel what was being said fitted well with the remit of Circular as a positive member focussed website and magazine. However, in hindsight, we shouldn't have done this without seeking the consent of Clean Up Britain.  We apologies for this.

This sentence was ‘All the statutory organisations have failed.  If Keep Britain Tidy had had any success, instead of wasting money on fatuous things like stupid name changes, they’d have no job by now’.

This sentence is minimal in contravening Circular’s remit and editorial policy. Therefore, subject to stating that the view of the author is not one Circular or CIWM share or endorse, we have re-inserted it into the interview on Circular Online.


CIWM Media Centre