Becoming a Chartered Waste Manager

Becoming a Chartered Waste Manager proves you are a leader in the waste and resources sector. The process to achieve Chartered status requires a robust assessment by a group of peers against a set of competences that are recognised as being core to effective waste and resources management.

You can apply to become a Chartered Member of CIWM if you meet the relevant initial criteria. We will strongly recommend you have held another grade of CIWM membership for at least 6 months prior to applying.

Each element of the process for becoming a Chartered Waste Manager are briefly described below. You can find the full details of each element of the application process in the Chartered Member Application Guidance Notes. You can also learn more about the process at one of our free workshops.

To discuss any aspect of the application process, the competences, the benefits of Chartered membership or personal development please email or call 01604 620426.


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Chartered Member Application Guidance Notes


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CIWM schedules a number of workshops around the UK and Ireland which provide more information about the benefits and process of upgrading to Chartered Membership. These workshops are free of charge and will help identify if you are ready for upgrade and how to prepare. You will hear from a member who recently upgraded, from a Professional Discussion Panel member and from CIWM on how CIWM and its’ members can help.

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Initial Criteria

Through your application, you will need to ensure you demonstrate the initial entry criteria of one of the following routes.

Route Qualification Experience in Waste and Resources (minimum)
A CIWM accredited Degree level or higher Qualification
3 years (post undergraduate degree qualification)
B Other relevant degree level or higher qualification
4 years (post undergraduate degree qualification)
C Chartered Member of another relevant Institution 2 years
D Relevant non-degree level qualifications e.g. WAMITAB*.
5 years
E Relevant significant experience 5 years

If you meet the initial criteria, you will be expected to demonstrate (through the application and a Professional Interview) that you meet the Chartered Member competences as outlined below.

* CIWM will endeavour to map some key qualifications, e.g. WAMITAB level 4 Operator Competence, against the Chartered Manager competences to clarify and assist those candidates in applying their evidence for their qualification to the competences.

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Chartered Competences

There are 7 key areas of the CIWM Chartered Manager competences:

  1. Knowledge and understanding of the wastes and resources management industry
  2. Ability to analyse and evaluate problems and develop practical solutions
  3. Effective leadership and management skills
  4. Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  5. Shows personal commitment to Professional Standards
  6. Demonstrates and encourages good practice and sustainability
  7. Demonstrates and promote safe working practices.
For more information about the competences required for Chartered Waste Managers, please refer to Annex 1 of the full guidance notes.

You can download this template to help show how you meet the 7 key Chartered competences.
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The Application

Part A
Application Form
Part B
Personal Statement
Part C
Development Log
Part D
The application is completed online on the CIWM website, it requires details of current role and a CV clearly showing at least the minimum amount of relevant experience to meet the criteria. The personal statement should show how you meet the Chartered Member competences with examples to illustrate. You may wish to submit supplementary material to support your personal statement. A requirement to becoming a Chartered Waste Manager is committing to continuing professional development (CPD). You should submit a log outlining the learning and development activities you've completed. Provide the contact details for two sponsors who know you well enough to provide a statement regarding your suitability for Chartered Membership. They should ideally be Chartered Waste Managers themselves.

A check list to help with ensuring applications are complete can be found in Annex 2 of the Chartered Member Application Guidance Notes.

There are four application deadlines each year for the UK and Ireland. View the deadlines here.

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How applications are processed

Following the submission of your completed application, it will be assessed to ensure that you meet the minimum eligibility criteria in all of the sections. At this stage we may require additional information to be submitted to support the application.

If you do not sufficiently meet the competences, we will provide feedback by phone or email as soon as possible. The feedback will give you an indication on how to proceed to the next stage and could include the following actions:

  • Providing additional information in the personal statement or development log
  • Identifying and implementing additional developments to meet the requirements in the personal statement or development log within an agreed time period.

If you need help finding a suitable mentor or sponsor, you can contact CIWM directly or your local CIWM centre.

If you sufficiently demonstrate the Chartered competences needed at this stage, you will proceed to the Professional Interview stage which consists of a presentation and a professional discussion.

We will endeavour to notify you of the outcome of your application within five working days.

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Professional Interview

If your application is successful and meets the initial criteria, you will progress to the final phase of the assessment – the Professional Interview (consisting of a presentation and professional discussion).

The interview can take up to one hour and consists of the following segments:

  1. Candidate presentation (10 minutes and no more)
  2. Questions on your presentation (~10 min)
  3. Questions on area of expertise (~10 min)
  4. Questions on industry knowledge (~10 min)
  5. Questions on CIWM (~10 min)
  6. Candidates questions (~10 min)
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Throughout the application process and the professional interview, you will be assessed on how you meet the Chartered Waste Manager competences.

You will be notified of the panel's decision within 5 days and the outcome will be one of the following:

  • Success - you have been recommended to the grade of Chartered Member and a welcome pack has been sent to you
  • Referred - you need to undertake further development to fulfill your specific competence gaps
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If you do not agree with the outcome of either element of the assessment process e.g. at application stage or following the professional interview, you can initially contact CIWM who will be able to go through the feedback.  Following this, or at any time, appeals can be made to the Head of Member Services.  Appeals should be made by email to within 10 working days of the result being sent out.

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For more information about the Chartered Waste Manager Standards, the Application Checklist and the CIWM Professional Conduct Regulations, please download the full guidance notes.

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