How to apply?

What Membership grades do you offer?

We offer an Affiliate membership and various professional grades of membership. Affiliate membership provides access to many CIWM Membership benefits. Our professional membership grades provide access to many CIWM membership benefits, plus professional recognition through designatory letters (e.g. MCIWM) based on your experience and qualifications.

Which is better for me, Affiliate or Professional Membership?

It depends what you want from you membership and which entry criteria you meet. Anyone with an interest in waste and resource management can apply for Affiliate membership by providing contact and payment details. It’s quick and easy to do and you receive a range of benefits.

For a professional membership grade we need more details from you about your experience and qualifications, usually through a CV and/or copies of academic certificates or evidence of knowledge. In return, if you meet the entry criteria and your application is approved, you can use the designatory letters awarded for your chosen grade so easy for your networks to see you’ve achieved CIWM membership. A summary of the CIWM Membership grades can be found here.

Can I change my CIWM Membership grade later on?

Yes! As you develop in your career you can transfer to a different grade of membership when you are eligible for the entry criteria. Many professionals initially join through Affiliate Membership, then transfer to a professional grade later on. There is no set time period for doing this.

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