Waste Prevention SIG


The SIG shall concentrate on the top of the hierarchy, from preparation for re-use upwards (and excluding recycling) and to include all origins of waste. Seeking to make strategic contributions towards waste prevention in the UK and Ireland. Promoting secondary use of materials, goods and products. Seeking to promote that waste is a resource.

Terms of Reference

  • Consider resource efficiency and conservation of resources
  • Influence and support national waste prevention programmes and the development of SCP programmes in UK and Ireland
  • Engage with relevant stakeholders as effectively as possible
  • Disseminate knowledge and understanding on best practice pertaining to prevention of waste and resource efficiency
  • Respond to relevant consultations, enquiries on behalf of CIWM
  • Prepare and implement an action plan which will be reviewed regularly
  • Raise awareness of waste prevention to be considered/incorporated in environmental product design/improvement/longevity
  • Raise awareness and support programmes seeking to change/influence behaviours with reference to waste prevention and reduction
  • Focus on specific materials, guided by WRAP and government priorities (to be advised)

Steering Committee

The work of the Special Interest Group is coordinated by a steering committee that reports to the CIWM Scientific & Technical Committee.


Membership is open to anyone with an interest in waste prevention, resource efficiency, reuse and related sectors. This may include students, those with "grass roots" practical experience or just plain enthusiastic.
CIWM membership is not a pre-requisite, although we hope that this will be a natural progression for those interested in keeping up-to-date with information and the progression of their career.

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