Accreditation and Endorsement 

CIWM is able to Accredit academic programmes and, in appropriate circumstances, may offer Endorsement or Support of non-commercial third party training courses.  If you would like to apply for accreditation or endorsement, contact the Education & Training Team

Academic Courses Accredited by CIWM are listed on their own pages on the CIWM website here.

Accredited or Endorsed Courses contribute to the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of Members and Fellows, and the Structured Learning and Development (SLD)  of other members of CIWM.

In addition, CPD/SLD for all members is supported through CIWM Centre & New Member Network Events, which are CPD opportunities brought to you by CIWM.


Contact for further information.

The Education & Training Team

Claire Poole  
Education & Training Manager

Ria Sheridan
Education & Training Officer


Tel: 01604 620426