Hazardous Waste Regulations

Gain a detailed understanding of regulations governing the wastes that are classified as hazardous and get up-to-date advice on how to comply with the regulations.


Any organisation that is involved in producing, storing, collecting, transporting, recycling or disposing of hazardous waste must ensure it causes no damage or harm. This course explains which wastes are classified as hazardous and provides up-to-date advice on how to comply with the regulations.

What’s in it for me?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • accurately complete a hazardous waste consignment note and understand the consignment note procedure
  • understand the specific regulations relating to the management of hazardous wastes
  • appreciate the difference in the regulations for the different nations of the UK
  • advise others of the effect of the regulations on operational activities for waste producers, carriers and waste management sites
  • identify the impact of hazardous waste regulations on operational activities for producers, carriers and waste sites

Who should attend?

This course is relevant to anyone responsible for dealing with or producing hazardous waste.

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