CIWM Graduate Membership - GradMCIWM

As a Graduate Member of CIWM you clearly show your commitment to professionalism and have access to a range of career development opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Graduate membership right for me?

Graduate membership is perfect for you if have a degree and are working in the wastes management industry (or looking for your first job). It is a great start to progress your professional development for a career in waste and resource management.

What are the benefits of Graduate membership?

Graduate members receive many of the benefits that other CIWM members receive. A full list of benefits can be found here. In addition, Graduate members can use the designatory letters GradMCIWM, which are instantly recognisable as a connection to CIWM, demonstrating passion and commitment to the wastes management industry. This will help demonstrate to a potential employer that you are committed to a career in the waste and resources profession.

What commitments do I have as a Graduate member?

As a Graduate member you are committing to professional standards within the wastes management industry. Graduate members are encouraged to get involved in CIWM activities and make the most of your membership. The time committed is up to you! You are also encouraged to follow our Learning and Development programme and get involved in New Member Network activities. Attendance at all CIWM events counts towards your SLD programme and will help you to achieve Chartered Status.

How do I progress from Graduate Membership to Chartered status?

As you progress your career you should look to transfer to Chartered Waste Manager. You can do this when have worked in the waste and resource industry for four years. You will then be able to use the designatory letters MCIWM after your name and the title Chartered Waste Manager. Taking part in the CIWM's Structured Learning and Development programme will help you with this process and prepare you for your professional interview.

What is the cost of Graduate membership?

Graduate membership is £120 per anum in the first year that you join. It then increases incrementally every year for 4 years until it reaches the same level as a Chartered Member, which is currently £200. This is to encourage Graduate members to apply for Chartered Membership on meeting the entry criteria, which is to have a degree and have 4 years experience in the industry. If you have been following our learning and development programme and making the most of your membership, when you have 4 years experience you should be ready to apply to be a Chartered Member.

You can claim Tax Relief on Membership Fees if you pay them yourself by visiting the website.

How do I join?

It’s simple. Click on the Application for Professional Membership link and start completing the form. You can save the form at any time and return to it from your online account, via the “Applications” tab. You will need to upload copies of any relevant certificates and a copy of your CV. You will also need to provide two referees to support your application.

What happens next?

As soon as we have your application and it has been approved, we will send you an invoice for your fees. When your fees are paid, you will be sent a welcome email, a membership certificate and you can start using your CIWM membership benefits.

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