Associate Membership

CIWM’s Associate membership shows that you are committed to professional development and to building a successful career in the resources and waste sector. Associate (AssocMCIWM) members champion professional standards within the industry whilst continuing to develop their skills, expand their knowledge, and enhance their experience as a resources and waste professional.


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Benefits of Associate Membership

  • Showcase your achievement by using the postnominals AssocMCIWM
  • Plan your professional development with one-to-one support and advice from our Professional Development team
  • Raise your profile and further enhance your presence in the sector through the CIWM Ambassador programme
  • Maintain and further develop the breadth of your knowledge with access to specialist technical resources, expert guidance notes and best practice advice through the CIWM Knowledge Centre
  • Receive essential industry news, information and updates straight to your inbox via our weekly member newsletter
  • Meet and connect with like-minded peers, leading industry professionals and potential future employers at local and national CIWM events
  • Find your next role through CIWM Recruit, our enhanced job search service, or recruit for a vacancy on your team via
  • Be guided by a mentor and get advice on how to make the most of mentoring opportunities through our mentor matching service

The Application Process

All candidates will complete an online application form and submit supplementary documents to show they meet the criteria for Associate grade. Applicants will need to provide:

~ 1. an up to date CV ~

Please upload your CV showing your experience in waste and resource management. This should demonstrate that you have the qualifications and experience required to meet the entry requirement for Associate grade. Details of your employment should be given in chronological order on your CV with greater detail for recent employment. Non-relevant employment should be included to ensure no gaps appear in the record. Show employer, position, type of work engaged in, along with an indication of the level and scope of the work and the degree of responsibility held particularly in relation to supervising staff and controlling finance.

~ 2. competency based supporting statement ~

Applicants for Associate grade are required to upload a personal statement showing how you’re working towards the seven competence areas in the Framework of Professional Standards. You are not expected to show evidence for every competence but to make a personal assessment on how your experience and skills development to date maps to the different competence areas. Your CPD plan should show how you are addressing those areas where you have gaps.

~ 3. CPD or professional development log or plan ~

Applicants for Associate grade must include a CPD or professional development plan which shows professional activities for the next 12 months mapped to the competence areas in the Framework of Professional Standards. You can access a template for this here.

Is Associate membership right for me?

Associate membership is perfect for you if have any of the following or equivalent qualifications:

Minimum experience (years) Qualification level required


Options include:

  • CIWM accredited degree
  • Relevant non-CIWM accredited degree or degree level qualification
  • Completion of CIWM endorsed/accredited in-house competence framework (e.g. EA PER Certificate)
  • Level 4 or higher technical qualification recognised or accredited by CIWM

2 years

Options include:

  • Completion of Waste and Resource Operative apprenticeship
  • Completion of relevant non-degree level qualification

More than 2 years

No specific qualification required

Becoming Chartered

CIWM’s Associate members are the Chartered Resource and Waste Managers of the future and many choose to apply for Chartered membership as they progress within their career. Becoming a Chartered member of CIWM demonstrates further experience within the sector and makes a powerful statement about your commitment to, and achievements in, the resources and waste sector. Find out more about Chartered membership and how to apply here.