CIWM Fellows are recognised for their exceptional achievements, professionalism and leadership, as well as their commitment to giving back to the industry.



To apply for Fellowship of CIWM, you need to have been a Chartered member of CIWM for a minimum of 7 years or have 11+ years experience in the sector with 5 of these being at a senior level.


£252 per year

Spread the cost of your membership when you pay by Direct Debit:

  • £63.00 (quarterly Direct Debit)
  • £21.00 (monthly Direct Debit)

For those who are applying to become a Fellow and are not currently Chartered members of CIWM, there is an interview fee of £125 which is payable once you have been approved for interview. There is no fee for applicants who are already Chartered.


Dedicated post-nominals FCIWM
Weekly member newsletter
Quarterly issue of Circular magazine
Access to the CIWM Knowledge Centre
Opportunities to mentor other members
Networking opportunities
Exclusive savings on CIWM events
Eligibility for senior volunteering positions

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To apply for Fellowship of CIWM, you need to have been a Chartered member of CIWM for a minimum of 7 years or have 11+ years experience in the sector with 5 of these being at a senior level.

The Application Process

There are five steps to applying for Fellowship.

Step 1 – Application Form

To apply to become a Fellow, you need to complete an application form. You’ll be asked to provide an up-to-date CV and a personal statement outlining your ‘distinguished professional attainment’ in the sector. This guide can help you identify relevant outstanding achievements to include.

Step 2 – Personal Statement

If you’re not already a Chartered member of CIWM, you’ll need to include a Personal Statement in your application outlining how you meet our seven Chartered competencies. You can find out more about these competencies in our Chartered Application Guidance Notes.

Step 3 – Development Log

As part of your application, you’ll be required to submit a log of the learning and development activities you’ve completed as evidence of your commitment to continuing professional development (CPD).

Step 4 – Statement

You’ll be asked to provide a short statement about how you have supported, or intent to support, the work of CIWM.

Step 5 – Sponsors

You’ll be asked to provide contact details for three sponsors who will be able to provide a statement confirming your suitability for Fellowship. Your sponsors should all be Chartered, and at least one of them should be a CIWM Fellow.

How applications are processed

Once you’ve submitted your application, it will be assessed to ensure you meet the entry criteria. At this stage, you might be asked to provide additional information to support your application.

If you meet the entry criteria, you’ll be invited to attend a panel discussion. If you don’t meet the entry criteria, we’ll provide feedback as soon as possible.

A mentor or sponsor can support you through this process. If you need help finding a suitable mentor or sponsor, please contact us or get in touch with your local CIWM Centre.

Application deadlines 2024

  Application Deadline Interview Date
Session 1 Tuesday 27th February Thursday 28th March
Session 2 Thursday 23rd May Thursday 27th June
Session 3 Monday 26th August Thursday 26th September
Session 4 Monday 11th November Thursday 12th December

Your Panel Discussion

If your application is successful, you’ll progress to the next phase of the assessment: the Panel Discussion. If you’re not already a Chartered member of CIWM, your Panel Discussion will be preceded by a professional interview.

It’s important you use the correct form to apply for Fellowship of CIWM.

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