PEEL People’s Cup

The Peel People’s Cup is awarded annually to the best operating team of a permitted waste facility. It was originally donated by Anthony Biddle, the former Managing Director of Packington Estate Enterprises Limited (PEEL), who was a vigorous supporter of the maxim that a successful waste operation is heavily dependent on the operating team; the people at the sharp end who play such a crucial role, day in day out, in all conditions in the success, or otherwise, of the operation. The aim of the award is to recognise the importance of that role.

The criteria for judging are:

  • How the site is supervised
  • Operational features
  • The way the operating team works
  • Staff welfare
  • Safety
  • Information techniques
  • Local acceptability
  • Environmental impact and aesthetics
  • Plant maintenance
  • General impression

The PEEL People’s Cup is awarded each year to the best operating team of a waste facility. Applications are invited from any type of permitted waste facility such as treatment plants, composting plants, MBT, energy from waste plants, integrated waste treatment plants, landfill sites, etc.

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