CIWM recognises the value in a wide diversity of voices and viewpoints in all that we do, and that embracing this approach will ensure CIWM, and the wider sector, is even more successful. 

CIWM is fully committed to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) through all of its operations and activities, and to educating and encouraging good practice in this area among members and throughout the resource and waste sector as a whole.

We also recognise that the workforce of the future will be a diverse one, and we want to reflect both our members and the communities we serve.

You can find more about CIWM’s EDI policy here.

CIWM’s EDI Strategy

To achieve our goal of moving the world beyond waste, CIWM needs support from an inclusive community with diverse voices, knowledge, skills, and perspectives. With this in mind, CIWM has developed an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy as part of our mission to be open and inclusive to all, regardless of background, ability, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

EDI is central to CIWM’s Corporate Social Responsibility commitments and values, as well as our aim to move the world beyond waste. To help begin our journey we established the EDI Working Group in 2021 with the aim of ensuring we provide equal opportunities and support within CIWM, our membership, and the sector as a whole. The Group has been instrumental in forming the strategy.

Read our EDI strategy today to find out how we intend to create a welcoming and inclusive community.

Download CIWM’s EDI Strategy (Executive Summary)
Download CIWM’s EDI Strategy (Full Document)

As the membership body for the waste and resource sector, we aim to provide a voice for all of our members. When we embarked on the creation of our Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategy, we knew that we needed to reach as broad, diverse and inclusive a group as possible for their input.

To achieve this, we created a working group made up of members from a variety of backgrounds, ran focus groups to invite members to share their views and undertook an EDI survey, which was open to the whole sector. As well as gathering input into the EDI Strategy, one of our aims was to collect data on the make up of the sector and the experiences of those who work in it. 

Download CIWM's EDI Survey Summary Report  (Summary Document)
Download CIWM's EDI Survey Report (Full Report)

CIWM's EDI working group

CIWM established an EDI working group to support the creation of its EDI Strategy which covers the policies in our organisation, guidance to our members and collaboration with the wider sector. 

CIWM notes the specific challenge regarding how the success of the EDI working group is measured, as there is no readily available data to use as a frame of reference. With this in mind, we also conducted a sector-wide EDI survey in the autumn of 2021 to better understand what success looks like. The results of this will be published following the launch of the EDI Strategy. 

Working group members

Wayne Hubbard – ReLondon / CIWM Trustee
Dan Cooke – Cornwall CC / Chair GC
Liz Parkes – CIWM Trustee
Rachel Stewart – Clearpoint Recycling
Beverley Simonson – ReLondon
Jackson Smith – Skanska
Kristy Spindler – South Gloucestershire Council
Dhiran Chauhan – BCP Council
Sophie Walker – Dsposal
Adam Read – Suez / CIWM Trustee
Gurbaksh Badhan – Buckinghamshire Council
Harriet Parke – Eunomia
Craig Burman – Schofield Sweeney
Gill Mulroe – Suez


EDI focus groups

The EDI working group has established a number of focus groups that will bring attention to specific areas of EDI, including:

General inclusivity 
Social mobility 
Sexual orientation (LGBTQ+)

The purpose of the focus groups, at this stage, is to widen the reach of the EDI working group, to listen and get feedback from our members, and to understand the varying voices through each specific diverse lens, on what CIWM and the sector as a whole can do to improve EDI.

CIWM members can also head over to CIWM Connect’s dedicated EDI category to take part in or begin discussions with other CIWM members on any topic relating to EDI. 



Please email Anna Havard to register your interest in taking part in further EDI focus groups or for any further information.