WasteSmart – Manage your resources sustainably

Learn how to consider sustainability in the everyday decisions and actions you take

The WasteSmart training programme is specially designed to help employees consider resources and waste in everything they do, in order to have a positive impact on:

  • Improving resource and waste managment
  • Preventing waste
  • Complying with waste regulations
  • Demonstrating commitment to improved environmental performance
  • Saving money 

Whether it’s a whole workforce or someone who manages waste and resources as part of their wider role, WasteSmart will give them:

  • An understanding of why improving resource and waste management is important  
  • Knowledge of key regulations and understanding of the responsibilities of those directly involved in managing wastes
  • An understanding of how resource management can be improved through reducing waste in the workplace
  • An understanding of and application of the Waste Hierarchy
  • The skills to identify improvements in the workplace

WasteSmart is quick and accessible, easy to digest and can be turned into direct action in the workplace.

For those who want to take their learning further, there is the option of WasteSmart Plus. 

WasteSmart training is delivered through a national network of approved WasteSmart centres and tutors.

To find out more about WasteSmart, or to discuss your options on becoming a WasteSmart Centre, please contact us today:

Contact the Training Team: T: +44 (0)1604 620426   E: training@ciwm.co.uk
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