Structured Learning & Development (SLD)

The Institution's Structured Learning & Development (SLD) is designed to assist members to plan their personal development in order to pro actively acquire the practical skills required and knowledge to further develop a career within the wastes and resource management industry. 

It is a flexible programme of professional training intended to compliment any academic studies and help develop both depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding in preparation for Chartered Waste Manager status. This framework can also be utilised for non-graduate members who want to upgrade to Full Membership following the Experienced Practitioner Route.

It provides a framework to build on vocational training and personal development during the early years of your career, and help prepare for professional review, and admission to the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management as a Full Member and a Chartered Waste Manager. It is expected that all Graduate Members admitted to the Institution should take part in this programme.  Members in other grades can equally use the scheme to help benefit their career and personal development within the industry.

A survey of Graduate members takes place each year where they are asked to submit their SLD Log or record their SLD online. The data is analysed by the Professional Development Team and feedback given on any areas for potential improvement.

CIWM Approve and Accredit a number of academic courses that can count towards SLD. For a full list please see the Qualifications page.

Full Members (Chartered Waste Managers) are reminded of their obligation to undertake CPD.

If you have any questions or would like support in completing your SLD contact the Professional Development Team at