Specialist resource and waste management courses

CIWM’s specialist waste training courses include those listed below. We also create completely bespoke courses for organisations who have a specialist need.

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Introduction to PAS110 and End of Waste Criteria

Learn how to use BSI’s PAS110 specifications and end of waste criteria to ensure the digestate output from your anaerobic digestion and biogas production is safe to be used as a bio fertiliser.

Undertaking a Waste Audit

Learn how to plan and deliver a waste audit, then use the data to create a plan that will ensure effective waste management and compliance with legislation.

Contract Essentials

Learn how to apply the waste industry standard contract to meet your exact needs and manage your ongoing supplier contract relationship. 

Enforcing Environmental Legislation

Learn the essentials to be successful in an environmental enforcement officer role including recognising offences, taking enforcement action, legislation, rules, investigation and prosecution.

Management of Waste and Resources (Oil and Gas)

Learn how to apply best practice and International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) guidelines to handling and managing waste from upstream oil and gas production (exploration/drilling), including internationally relevant legislation and conventions.

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