Landfill gas management

Learn how to effectively monitor, manage and control landfill gas and groundwater.

Choose from two CIWM landfill gas training courses; one covering landfill gas management and control and the other specifically focussed on landfill gas monitoring.

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Practical Management and Control of Landfill Gas

Gain a broad and comprehensive understanding of all the key technical and managerial issues concerning landfill gas management.

This two-day residential course provides essential knowledge for all those with responsibility for design, installation, management and regulation of landfill gas control systems.

You will learn how and why landfill gas occurs, best-practice and options for treatment and control, legal frameworks and compliance and environmental permits.

Practical Aspects of Groundwater and Landfill Gas Monitoring

Become confident in all aspects of landfill gas monitoring, including groundwater.

This course is essential for all those involved in the environmental monitoring of gas and groundwater at landfills or contaminated sites.

Over two days you will learn landfill gas sampling techniques, how to ensure you collect reliable data, safety procedures and how to use and maintain landfill gas monitoring equipment.

Both of these scheduled landfill gas training courses take place in Northampton. Alternatively, if you have a larger group of people who need training, we can arrange for these courses to take place at your premises through in-company training.

Leachate Management

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how leachate is generated, its chemical characteristics and how it can be treated consistently, reliably and safely.

By the end of this course you will be able to explain the basic principles of leachate generation and identify the key contaminants within leachate and the risks that they pose. You'll also gain a solid understanding of the various options for procurement of leachate treatment plants and key engineering constraints and construction issues.

This is a two day training course (residential) with site visits to a nearby closed landfill site with onsite leachate treatment. 

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