Scheduled resource and waste management training for individuals and small groups

Our scheduled resource and waste management courses run throughout the year at a variety of locations, giving you a great deal of flexibility and choice. 

From introductory courses on sustainability and waste management, to advanced and specialised training in hazardous waste and leachate management, choose from over 25 courses to keep your skills and knowledge up to date.

Many of our scheduled courses incorporate site visits and practical hands-on exercises to help you learn, do you job and work in ways that comply with essential waste legislation and codes of practice.

Follow this link to view the full range of scheduled resource and waste management training courses.

Introductory Courses

Gain a comprehensive introduction to resource and waste management

Hazardous Waste

Develop your expertise in recognising and managing hazardous wastes


Learn to comply with waste legislation, duty of care and environmental permits

Waste Legislation

Understand waste legislation and regulations and how they apply to you

Landfill Management

Develop skills in monitoring, managing and controlling landfill gas and groundwater

Duty of Care

Ensure you have the knowledge to comply with your waste duty of care


Reduce waste and learn to think sustainably in everything you do

Specialist Waste Courses

Choose from a range of specialist courses in resource and waste management

Fire Safety on Waste Sites

Developing/implementing fire prevention plans for permitted waste sites

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