About Re-Gen Waste

Re-Gen began its journey in 2004 as an integrated recycling and waste management company. In this short time, we have developed one of Europe’s most advanced materials recovery facility, combining state of the art technology with manual quality controls to produce the highest quality recyclable material for the market.

Re-Gen operates its Newry-based MRF 24 hours a day and we have processed over 1.5 million tonnes of waste to date. As well as the processing of Mixed Dry Recycling, we also produce high quality fuel products such as RDF and SRF to power communities across Europe.

We are a strategic partner for local authorities across the UK and Ireland offering a range of co-mingled waste services designed to deliver maximum value back to the community.

Our consultative approach produces bespoke recycling solutions, delivering choice and transparency for the customer. Innovation and dedication are core to our competitive edge at every stage of the process, from account management to logistics and waste processing.

At Re-Gen, our mission is to achieve zero waste to landfill and to make our future cleaner.