Professional qualification

Being a Chartered Waste Manager or Chartered Environmentalist is an indication of your commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and excellence.

An evolving industry

The wastes and resource management industry has developed and evolved considerably in recent decades. From the "pick up and dump" culture of 30 years ago, the industry is adopting more of a circular economy approach where wastes are treated as resources, put back to work and retained for future generations.

CIWM constantly monitors changes to our industry and external developments that may affect us. Working closely with governments and their agencies we provide advice and act as a critical friend to promote appropriate legislation and effective practices. Our professional network of Chartered Waste Managers benefits from the work of CIWM and contributes to this dialogue.

Our Unique Network

Chartered Waste Managers have demonstrated, via our assessment procedures, that they are committed to high standards in the wastes and resources industry and implement practices which complement and meet the professional standards of the Institution. Chartered Members benefit from the shared knowledge and best practice of our unique network and have the opportunity to contribute to and receive information from our body of knowledge.

High Standards for Individuals

Being a Chartered Waste Manager makes a statement about an individual's own professional and personal commitment to high standards in the industry and demonstrates their contribution to this process. In addition, they have made a commitment to continuing professional development (CPD) to ensure that they keep up to date with current topics and issues and drive future change.

How employers benefit

For employers, Chartered Waste Managers make good business sense for your organisation. Their CIWM membership, commitment to CPD and place in our unique network means they have ready access to the latest industry developments and their impact on your business; Chartered Waste Managers are ahead of the game and with knowledge of their own contribution to the wider waste and resources industry agenda, they will continue to drive the industry's evolution towards a circular economy.

Our "voice"

The Chartered Waste Manager network in CIWM is growing. This is good news as it builds the CIWM "voice". It makes others want and need to listen to our opinions. We continue to use that voice to tell government, the media and the public what our opinions are. The more Chartered Waste Managers we have, the more powerful that voice will be and the greater our "body of knowledge".

Becoming Chartered

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“It is now necessary to demonstrate knowledge and expertise in the industry. What better way than become a Chartered Member?”

To assist you in preparing for your chartered status and support with continued professional development visit the CPD/SLD pages.

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