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CIWM's e-learning portfolio provides instant, flexible access to first-class training - anytime, anywhere. Our e-learning courses are available on-demand, meaning you can complete them at your leisure without adhering to scheduled course dates.

Designed specifically for remote learning, these interactive courses are regularly updated to reflect the very latest policy, legislation and procedural changes.

Our e-learning courses are:

  • Available 24/7, proving ultimate flexibility
  • Specifically designed for online remote learners
  • Engaging and interactive
  • Cost-effective, with no travel or accommodation required
The following CIWM courses are available through e-learning:

Waste Legislation Essentials

Understanding your legal requirements and how to ensure you are compliant is essential for anyone involved in waste management. This course provides an introduction to waste management legislation and examines the key legal requirements and responsibilities of those who produce, carry or treat waste in the UK.

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The course provides a comprehensive introduction to best practice in sustainable resources and waste management. It explores how to improve waste management in a variety of settings by applying the Waste Hierarchy and other key resource efficiency and circular economy principles. It also explains how to segregate, handle and store different waste materials to maximise resource value, reduce costs and remain within the law.

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WasteSmart Certificate

This foundation course will provide you with the necessary knowledge and understanding to make accurate and efficient waste-related decisions, whilst also increasing sustainability and improving performance. It is perfect for anyone who produces, handles or manages waste within an organisation, as well as students who wish to complement their academic learning with a professional certificate.

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If you have any questions about our e-learning courses and how to access them, please don't hesitate to contact us at training@ciwm.co.uk.

This series of courses have been developed by E-Tech learning Ltd and is accredited by CIWM:

Fundamentals of Combustion

The UK waste industry now relies on its many thermal waste treatment plants, both private and public, to deal with non-recyclable and residual waste streams and to generate useful heat and/or power effectively and efficiently from these feedstocks. Similarly, biomass, medical wastes and municipal sludges are also processed through thermal treatment plants. Fundamentals of Combustion is a two-part course that provides the underpinning knowledge for operating these technologies more confidently and optimising thermal efficiency.

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Module 2

Anaerobic Digestion Module 1: A technical overview

The interactive module uses practical examples and visual representations of operational facilities to help explain the theory behind anaerobic digestion. It will introduce you to the microorganism activity and the optimal environmental conditions required and the four-stage process leading to the production of biogas is also explained.

Module 1

Flue Gas Conditioning & Waste Heat Recovery Boilers (Mod 4)

Increasing demand for energy and rising energy prices is placing pressure on UK thermal waste treatment plants, both private and public, to generate useful heat and/or power effectively and efficiently from non-recyclable and residual waste streams (including refuse derived fuels) without posing a risk to people or the environment. This specialist e-learning course provides you with the opportunity to learn more about how flue gas conditioning and waste heat recovery boilers are used to increase efficiency and accomplish this goal.

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Please note, all delegates are required to provide their own email address when purchasing a licence for an e-learning course. This is in order to comply with GDPR rules. If you are buying multiple licences for your colleagues, you will need to contact training@ciwm.co.uk with the names and email addresses of the other delegates.

Circular Economy Club Certificate

Principles & Business Models in a Circular Economy – CIWM members save 10%

CIWM has partnered with the Circular Economy Club to offer members a 10% discount on their e-learning course, Principles & Business Models in a Circular Economy. To earn this Circular Economy Club Certificate, you will immerse yourself into a self-study program that will give you the most comprehensive and succinct understanding of the principles of the circular economy and the business models that can be developed in this field.

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