CPD Topics

In all cases, the content or subject area should be relevant to your personal role and your future development. Your CPD should always include topics relevant to Health & Safety and the Circular Economy.

To help you identify any topic areas you need to develop there is a CPD "framework" which lists a range of topic areas which are eligible for inclusion. This is intended to clarify the interpretation of topics and subject areas which are relevant to the wastes management industry, and therefore included within the remit of the CPD scheme:


  • Air Pollution / Monitoring
  • Biological Treatment
  • Circular Economy
  • Cleansing Services
  • Collection Harmonisation
  • Construction & Demolition
  • Contaminated Land
  • Contracts Management
  • Environmental Auditing
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Health and Safety
  • Landfill Engineering
  • Landfill Monitoring
  • Leachate Treatment
  • Legislation
  • Quality Protocols
  • Regulation and Enforcement
  • Sustainability
  • Thermal Treatment
  • Transfer / MRF Facilities
  • Treatment Options (types not listed)
  • Waste Collections
  • Waste Crime
  • Waste Minimisation
  • Waste Strategies
  • Water Quality and Pollution
  • Other

Key Skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Coaching / Mentoring
  • Decision Making
  • Financial Management
  • Information Management
  • Information Technology
  • Leadership
  • Legal
  • Media Skills
  • Planning and co-ordination
  • Presentation Skills
  • Project Management
  • Team Management / Supervisory Skills

This list is not exhaustive, and other subject matter may be relevant in your individual circumstances.