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Challenges in procuring for future legislative changes: How to build a resilient service

Waste managers in Local Authorities need to be aware of how imminent reforms could impact their arrangements with private sector suppliers – and how best to cope with change.

This webinar will cover how best to enter into fresh contracts or vary existing contracts with waste-management companies in light of any new Collection and Packaging Reforms (CPR) legislation, without breaking public contracts regulations (PCRs) – the procurement rules which govern how public sector bodies must enter into contracts for the purchase of goods, services (including the procurement of waste services) or construction works. 

he webinar will also offer ideas of how the public sector and its waste contractors can work collaboratively to find solutions. 

Facilitated by the CIWM Midlands Centre, this takes place on Monday 20th November from 12:00pm - 13:00pm. You can register here

Kirstin Roberts - Freeths (Host)
Shireen Eliyas - Freeths (Complaint variation of contracts under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015)
Jacqui Ager - London Borough of Havering (Case Study of Challenges in procuring for future legislative changes: How to build a resilient service).
David Wood - Suez (The contractor's perspective).

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Waste Management in the Construction Industry: An Introduction to the Building Blocks

Getting the basics of waste management correct is the start of any successful project, this webinar will help set the scene in understanding when a material is deemed to be a waste, the associated legislation and potential consequences, and an overview of how CD&E waste types should be managed, especially regarding sampling and classification.

As the first in a dedicated series on waste management in the construction, demolition & excavation sector led by CIWM Cymru Centre, this introductory webinar will provide an overview of the considerations that are required to be given to identifying waste materials, the classification mechanisms which need to be considered and the legal frameworks that need to be adhered to.

Join Rachel Hill, Senior Waste Management Consultant within RSK Geoscience’s Waste and Resources team as she shares her extensive knowledge and experiences within the space.

Make sure you don’t miss out on attending on 22 November from 13:00 – 13:45 - click here to register



Waste Management in the Construction Industry: Building a Better Tomorrow

This webinar will delve into the practical resource and waste management options available to professionals in the CD&E sector, including material reuse routes such as DoWCoP Material Management Plans and Deposit for Recovery Permits, considering the most efficient and carbon friendly disposal routes, and helpful mechanisms to reduce waste disposal.

In this second CIWM Cymru Centre webinar, attendees will also look at where waste management in the CD&E sector is heading including waste as a resource, carbon reduction and upcoming legislation changes.

Taking place on 29 November from 13:00 – 14:00 - secure your place here



Future CIWM Webinars

We’re eager to find out what topics you’re interested in and what the ‘Hot Topics’ are that everyone is talking about. If you’d like to suggest a specific theme or topic for a webinar, please get in touch and let us know what you would like to hear about in the coming months. Contact us with your suggestions at education@ciwm.co.uk

If you’d like to be considered as a host or panellist for one of our webinars, please email us at education@ciwm.co.uk.

Local Authorities Webinar Series

 Our Local Authority Webinar Series has now concluded, we'd like to thank our sponsors and supporters. 

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Previous Webinars from this series:

Behaviour Change - 10 October 

The last webinar in our local authority series focused on the critical area of behaviour change. Raising awareness of changes to collections and recycling systems amongst residents is a huge challenge for councils.

As the sector awaits updates on upcoming policies, local authorities are on the front line of trying to implement changes to collection and recycling systems. Taking residents on the journey to increased recycling will require comprehensive behaviour change campaigns.

During this webinar Naomi Johnson, Livvy Drake and Claire Cutforth explored the topic of behaviour change and explain best practices for local authorities, including:

  • Factors that need to be considered when looking to implement a change of service/ product in the public sector. 
  • The key aspects of encouraging a change in behaviour and the importance of keeping messaging simple.
  • The challenges of trying to change or offer new services within a local authority context e.g. a change in recycling collections. 
  • Actionable insights in preparing people through targeted messaging and communication campaigns. 

Catch up here .

Running out of Juice: a Review of Battery Disposal and WEEE - 8 August - 10:00 - 11:00am

While disposal of waste, recycling and reuse schemes have steadily progressed over recent years, an area that seems to have fallen behind is in the case of batteries and WEEE. From a consumer perspective, the awareness around the safe disposal of batteries is still very limited, with many people not realising the real hazards these everyday items can cause.

From policy delays in government to the production of batteries in single-use disposable items and reselling of secondhand battery powered devices, this webinar will look at the real life challenges the waste sector is dealing with trying to manage WEEE and batteries waste.

In this session we will discuss:

  • The need for a review on policy and compliance e.g. how EPR is not fit for purpose for this material/ device.
  • How can we optimise WEEE and battery collection while minimising safety hazards?  
  • Are we prepared for new technologies coming to market and the disposal process? E.g. vapes and the call for a ban on disposable designs.
  • How the current system is proving extremely costly for local authorities.
  • The current research underway to understand consumer awareness to help build a robust framework for collections and reuse.
  • Examples of what the UK can learn from European countries progressing in this space.


John Twitchen - Stuff4Life
Jim Armitage - Valpak
David Reynolds - Veolia
Dr. Saeed Oluwadipe -  Westminster City Council

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Circular Economy  - 6 June - 10:00 - 11:00am

The Circular Economy will be one of the single most important steps to mitigate against climate change. This webinar, bought to you in association with the Festival of Circular Economy, will bring you some real-life examples of what can be done now to kick-start the circular economy, while we wait for governments to act. 

Wayne Hubbard - ReLondon 
Mary-Anne Cooper - Islington Council 
Sarah Beaton - ReLondon 
James Warren - Lunaz 

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The Climate Emergency  - 18 April 

Many Local Authorities are declaring ‘climate emergencies’, but what does this mean for services and residents?

In this webinar, we welcomed two speakers who discussed their plans and shared learnings. Dr. Matt Montgomery, Head of Climate Action at Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council presented the council's approach to responding to the climate and ecological emergency, including action taken to date, the Green Futures Fund and strategy to achieve targets. Emma Beal, Managing Director at West London Waste Authority, also joined us and spoke about what 8 West London Borough Councils have achieved when pooling resources to work together on climate change emergency action plans, and how joint-working is creating strength in adversity. 

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Understanding Underground Refuse Systems
- 25 January 

In October 2022, Liverpool City Council announced that the first of its Underground Refuse Systems (URS) had become live; the start of 12 initial sites that, in total, will create a cleaner solution for 27,000 inner-city households. This is the first URS system in the UK that has been installed in a high-density residential area, with each bin able to collect about a week's worth of rubbish from 20 houses. Councils across the UK are now eager to learn more in order to reap the benefits of fewer collections, less trucks on the road, better hygiene and pathways free of wheelie bins.

If you’re a local authority, you’ll want to join CIWM’s first URS webinar on January 25th. Included in the program, Liverpool City Council will explain how they’ve gone about implementing URS, the lessons learnt and the benefits they expect to gain. APSE will share its URS framework, developed together with Liverpool CC and a number of approved suppliers, which will assist other local authorities in getting started. There will also be a Q&A session with three of the official suppliers; MOBA and Contenur.

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Decarbonising the Movement of Resources and Waste – What are the Alternatives? - 1 March

Transportation contributes to the carbon emissions from the waste and resources sector. The challenge is on for the industry - How can we decarbonise in order to have a Net Zero future? Can alternative fuels such as hydrogen, compressed natural gas, electricity or hybrids come to the rescue?

During the Webinar we will discuss the legal and commercial considerations that need to be overcome, especially when embarking on the creation and operation of alternative refuelling network for collection vehicles and heavy-duty yellow plant as these issues are particularly challenging the sector.  

Speakers included Joe Hilton from JCB, Jonathan Croley from Ashfords LLP and Edward Yendluri from Westminster City Council

Access Past Webinar Recordings

Recordings from past webinars are available in the CIWM Knowledge Centre. Simply filter by "Webinar" in the Article type menu to see the latest recordings. 


Unpacking the Simpler Recycling Reforms - Wednesday 8th November 

This CIWM webinar, our panel unpacked the recently announced recycling collection reforms that the UK government says will boost stagnating recycling rates and end confusion among householders in England regarding what materials can and can’t be put into their recycling.

The session covered:

  • The key points that were outlined in the update, unpacking the details into comprehensible takeaways.
  • What the reforms mean for different roles within the sector, from policy-makers to recycling facility operators.
  • The ‘quick actions’ that need to be implemented to meet the deadlines outlined in the reforms, offering a roadmap for swift compliance.
  • Any exclusions to the update and their respective impacts, so you can anticipate any challenges ahead.
  • The areas where we still need guidance across the resources and waste landscape, highlighting gaps that need to be addressed for smoother implementation.

CIWM's Policy & External Affairs Director, Lee Marshall, was joined by;

  • Cathy Cook, Senior Advisor, ReLondon/ Chair, LARAC
  • Robbie Staniforth, Innovation and Policy Director, Ecosurety
  • John Coates, Policy and External Affairs Manager, Re-Gen Waste

Catch up
 here .

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