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    Upcoming Webinars

    We'd like to thank our 2024 Webinar Supporters for their support; NTM , Bucher Municipal, Keenan Recycling, WasteRecruit  & Contenur

    Festival of Circular Economy: 2023 Reunion

    15th May 2024 - live @ 12:30pm BST 

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    Food Waste: For businesses and local authorities 

    12th June 2024 - live @ 12:30pm BST 

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     Hear from some of FOCE's 2023 partners and thought leaders as they catch up to discuss the key takeaways from last years festival and the progress we've seen since, including: 

     - The importance of collaboration - have we seen more of this across sectors? Are there new incentives helping to drive collaboration and decentralisation between industries and geographies? 
     - Material and product design, technology, policy, funding, start-up growth, business models, regeneration, green skills, consumer awareness; where have we seen the biggest progress in the last 6 months? 
     - Examples of organisations undertaking positive change in transitioning to more circular processes. 
     - Heavy investment is crucial for the success of driving innovation and change – are these critical conversations underway? 
     - What is your main Circular Economy focus ahead of FOCE24? 

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    One of the key points in the reforms relates to food waste on all scales, from commercial environments, to residential homes. This webinar will focus on what the separation of food waste will mean for infrastructure changes and the challenge of creating behaviour change. 
     Topics being discussed will include:   - What is going to be required from an infrastructure perspective e.g. the potential of more frequent collections and vehicle requirements, contract changes, permitting changes, handling charges.   - Knowing the legislation to meet requirements.   - Engaging with all market segments, including hard to reach segments - how do you drive behaviour change?   - What can be learned from other nations already collecting food waste separately?   - Examples of schemes already running. 

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    Waste Management in the Construction Industry: episode topic TBC 

    June 2024 - live @ 12:30pm BST 

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    Reviewing Simpler Recycling: For local authorities 

    10th July 2024 - live @ 12:30pm BST 

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    Reviewing the reforms and the changes relating to local authorities including:   - The changes that have been implemented in the last 6 months, and the response to these.   - The latest update on New Burdens funding.   - Meeting the deadline for new commercial and household waste collections - where to begin?   - What challenges or barriers have arisen for Local Authorities since the announcement and where is clearer guidance still required?
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    Waste Management in the Construction Industry: episode topic TBC 

    July 2024 - live @ 12:30pm BST 

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    Working with Technology for a Circular Economy

    14th August 2024 - live @ 12:30pm BST 

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    This discussion will look at where the resources and waste sector currently sits from a technology adoption perspective and what this means for the circular economy including: 
     - How can we push to drive change internally through technology innovations vs waiting for policy and legislation to lead the way? 
     - What can we learn from the current landscape to know where we need to head for the next stage of the digital transformation journey? 
     - Great progress has been made thanks to machine learning and AI - how can the sector gain more advantages and opportunities from these technologies? 
     - What technology will play the biggest role in operational change in the next 12 months?  

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    Upcoming Podcasts

    Upcoming podcast episodes:   A spin-off series with an internal sector focus: 
    Ep 7 - Green votes, part 2 
    Sector Series, Ep 1 - An inward look 
    Release date: 7th May 
    Episode 2 in the election focused discussions, Lee Marshall is joined by Dr. Anna Willets and Wera Hobhouse MP to discuss what an incoming government can do to support the resource and waste sector, circular economy opportunities, and wider sustainability and net-zero targets. 
    Release date: 5th March 
    Join Lee Marshall and fellow policy experts as they take an inward look at the sector, discussing what progress has been made in the sector from a policy perspective, how the landscape has changed during their careers, what current policies are driving change, and what 'living the waste hierarchy' means to benefit both sectors and systems.  

    Ep 8 - Bending the Line: SRF and the Path to a Circular Economy 
    Sector Series, Ep 2 - Behaviour change for a resilient future 
    Release date: 21st May 
    Bending the Line: SRF and the Path to a Circular Economy - in conversation with and sponsored by Advetec 

    Release date: 25th June 
    Episode 2 will focus on behaviour change internally for the sector and what this means in helping to build a resilient future, including skills development and retraining opportunities. 

    Ep 9 - Presidents farewell: Reflecting with Dan Cooke
    Sector Series, Ep 3 - Our role in the value chain 
    Release date: 4th June 
    Join CIWM's president Dan Cooke and host Lee Marshall as we roundoff Dan's presidential year with a look back on the key milestones during his time in the role, and the work his presidential report led on to help drive opportunities for communications, collaboration and growth. 

    Release date: 24th September 
    More information to follow. 

    Ep 10 - Hello Tim Walker! 
    Sector Series, Ep 4 - The challenges, pivots and a look to the year ahead 
    Release date:23rd July 
    Kicking off the next presidential year with an episode chatting to Tim Walker, CIWM's incoming president about the year ahead, his presidential report and some of the exciting projects that Tim has lined up. 
    Release date: 10th December 
    More information to follow. 


    Be sure to check back regularly and see what we've got coming up for you on the Beyond Waste podcast - happy listening!

    Access Past Webinar Recordings

    Recordings from past webinars are available in the CIWM Knowledge Centre. Simply filter by "Webinar" in the Article type menu to see the latest recordings. 


    Understanding Our Waste -the Good, the Bad and the Hard to Recycle - 14th February

    In this insightful discussion covering hard to recycle materials and products, Lee Marshall (CIWM), Alice Harlock (OPRL), and Julien Tremblin (TerraCycle Europe) look at: 

    • Breaking down hard to recycle materials into their key components to better understand how we deal with these in the value chain. Specifically focusing on mainstream products like multiple material products.
    • Examples of infrastructure changes that have increased hard to recycle materials recycling and reuse rates. 
    • Discussing if EPR and other waste/producer policies are helping in the case of hard to recycle materials
    • How tackling these materials lends itself to driving a green economy. 

    Catch up on-demand here

    FPF FlexCollect Interim Report - Key insights for the waste and resource industry - 28th February

    The Flexible Plastic Fund (FPF) FlexCollect project is now halfway through and has released an interim report at the end of January 2024. The interim report provides encouraging insights from the seven local authorities currently running flexible plastic kerbside collection pilots, covering nearly 30,000 households from across the UK. The report provides encouraging insights at the project’s half-way stage which will help the waste and resource industry to prepare for UK-wide collections in just over three years. 

    This webinar presents the key findings from the interim report – from operational findings and compositional analysis of collected materials, to insight into household participation and reprocessing trials, along with the projects next steps. 


    • Gareth Morton, FPF Representative and Discovery Manager at Ecosurety
    • Oliver Morrall, Flexcollect Project Delivery Manager, Suez 
    • Adam Herriot, Senior Specialist, WRAP
    • Steve Morgan, Head of Policy & Infrastructure, Recoup
    • Rebecca Wilson, Waste and Recycling Engagement Team Leader, Newcastle City Council 
    Catch up on-demand here!

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