Navigate your way to business and career success with the CIWM Skills Matrix

Created by leading industry experts, the CIWM Skills Matrix provides guidance and support for professional and career development across the resources and waste management sector.

It sets out the essential knowledge, capabilities and practical skills required to achieve success in a variety of roles at every career stage. Whether individuals are taking their first steps into waste and resource management, progressing within the sector, transitioning into it, or re-entering the workforce, this framework provides a clear roadmap.

For employers….
The skills and abilities required by employers are rapidly changing as we move towards more complex and sophisticated ways of working. This matrix will help employers understand and meet the professional demands of the sector. 

It’s not only a valuable tool for recruitment and future workforce planning, but also for assessing the skills and competency levels of existing staff. Empowered with these insights, employers can fulfil training needs internally, or through CIWM’s comprehensive learning and development portfolio - which leads to certifications and qualifications recognised and respected throughout the sector.

For employees…. 
The Skills Matrix enables individuals to explore potential career paths within the sector and chart their steps to success. This information can help in countless ways, providing focus for Continuing Professional Development, forming the basis of mentoring conversations, and helping to identify specific training and development needs.


You can download a PDF version of the matrix here.

We've worked closely with the CIWM Skills for the Future Working Group, which includes representatives from all areas of the sector, to develop this matrix. Our aim is to ensure that the sector’s talent and professionalism, which are vital to its success, are supported at every level. By doing so, we can confidently address the challenges of both today and tomorrow.


Using the Skills Matrix

The Skills Matrix covers six key areas, incorporating crucial sector-specific competences alongside behavioural and ‘soft’ skills:

  • Waste and Resources Management Sector 
  • Sustainability and the Circular Economy
  • Professional Standards and Ethics
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Management and Leadership
  • Business Skills
Within each section, you’ll find the CIWM Chartered Member Competences at the top, with the specific competences and skills required at each role level listed underneath.



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