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CIWM responds to UK Government's 2027 target for DRS launch

CIWM is not surprised by Defra’s latest announcement of a further delay in DRS implementation. CIWM’s stance on DRS has always been that its implementation should follow the introduction of the Simpler Recycling and EPR initiatives to ensure that it is still required, and if so that it is correctly structured. This would also allow progression on digital technologies that might enable a DRS scheme based on existing kerbside collections, instead of a costly network of reverse vending machines. 
Unfortunately, however, this is the latest in a raft of policy delays from Government which serve to further erode confidence in the sector and present further challenges to securing much needed investment.  This should be a time of huge change and improvement and CIWM calls on Government for major shift change in policy implementation in order to deliver the 2018 Resources and Waste Strategy. If we do not get on and implement outstanding policies, we are in danger of drifting aimlessly and we will have wasted the huge potential that the Resources and Waste Strategy promised when it was published.



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CIWM (the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management) is the leading professional body for the resource and waste management sector representing over 6,600 individuals in the UK, Ireland and overseas. Established in 1898 - and now in its 125th year - CIWM is a non-profit making organisation, dedicated to the promotion of professional competence amongst waste managers. CIWM seeks to raise standards for those working in and with the sector by producing best practice guidance, developing educational and training initiatives, and providing information on key waste-related issues.

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