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CIWM statement in response to the Prime Ministers announcement on Climate Change policies

CIWM believes today’s announcement by the Prime Minister that he is scrapping proposals for households to have 7 different bins was confusing, particularly given that this has never been a proposal brought forward by the Government. However, CIWM welcomes this evening’s announcement from Defra which clarifies that they still intend to bring forward the consistent collection policy, albeit with a different name, and believes this will be of some reassurance to the sector.

CIWM was dismayed to hear the Prime Minister describing the consistent collection reforms as a “diktat” and “heavy-handed” given that the policy is about making household recycling easier. Throughout the consultation process, Defra have been clear that local authorities will have freedom to design collection systems that best fit their area and circumstances, meaning it was never going to be the “top-down approach” the Government claims to have scrapped.

Lee Marshall, CIWM Policy & External Affairs Director, said:

“It is probably a first to have a Prime Minister scrap a policy that hasn’t been implemented and was never proposed in the first place. We have since received confirmation from Defra that the policy is still progressing, but is now badged as ‘Simpler Recycling’, a name change that is not needed and has the potential to cause further confusion. We have gone through two detailed and lengthy consultations and CIWM members have sat on numerous working groups to help Defra ensure these policy reforms were informed, insight-led and evidence-based. It feels as if this valuable knowledge has been ridden roughshod over by No.10 and we very much hope this is not the case. Now more than ever the sector can support Government in delivering these vital resource and waste policy reforms and our insights should be valued.”

CIWM also feels that the Government is relinquishing its leadership responsibility on climate change and net zero with this raft of announcements. There is a danger it will move from leading the way to a world beyond waste to a place that will fail to generate the investment, green jobs and opportunities the UK wants and needs.


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