CIWM responds to government announcement on Carriers, Brokers and Dealers reforms and digital waste tracking

CIWM welcomes the announcement from Defra on reforms to the way Carriers, Brokers and Dealers (CBD) are regulated, along with the introduction of digital waste tracking. We believe these changes will be transformative in combatting waste crime and restricting criminal operations infiltrating the sector.

The proposals for digital waste tracking are also welcomed by CIWM as we look to bring waste records into the digital age. With waste collectors already utilising digital systems, having a UK-wide approach to tracking waste makes sense and builds on the innovation and investment in technology the sector has already made.

Lee Marshall, CIWM Policy & External Affairs Director, said: “CIWM supported the move to bring the CBD registration regime into the Environmental Permitting Regulations as this gives the regulator increased control. We need to ensure that our profession operates at the highest standards and clear and comprehensive regulatory systems are key to achieving this. The proposals for digital waste tracking will help in this respect and should also enhance the data we have on waste, meaning we can make better, more informed policy decisions going forward.”

CIWM supports the move to bring forward requirements for waste transporters and controllers to demonstrate technical competence and we are pleased that they highlight the CIWM (WAMITAB) Qualifications standards for site permit technical competence as the template for this. CIWM will continue to work closely with Defra and the Environment Agency to bring these new qualifications forward for the sector, utilising our vast experience in developing technical competence standards.

CIWM backs the requirement for waste collectors to publish permit numbers and details on publicity and vehicles as a means to enable waste producers to undertake more thorough checks to ensure they are using legitimate operators. This will also assist the regulators in their checks and enforcement activity.

We are disappointed that waste exports have not been included in these reforms and believe this is a missed opportunity to tighten regulation in this area. We therefore urge Defra to bring forward proposals for waste exports that do more than just close existing loopholes, and strengthen regulations and standards in this area at the soonest available opportunity.



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