CIWM highlights need for increased focus on resource efficiency on COP28 agenda

On the eve of COP28, we are disappointed that resource efficiency still has not made it onto the COP agenda in a meaningful way. This is particularly concerning given the vital role sustainable resources and waste management will play in protecting our planet.
As the national member of ISWA for the UK, we support their presence at the COP28 Summit and the work they have done to raise the profile of our industry and the important contribution we make to combatting climate change.
Achieving CIWM’s purpose of a world beyond waste is something the participants of COP28 should be working towards, and it is imperative that better resources and waste management is prioritised in climate actions plans and nationally determined contributions. Resource efficiency is a policy area that requires more focus, we would like to see it given the attention it deserves at COP summits and beyond. 


Notes to Editors:

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