CIWM statement on Ukraine

30 June 2022

 As an institution and as individuals, we are appalled by the brutal actions of Russia in Ukraine and the attack on both its people and its sovereignty as a nation. 

We would like to take this opportunity to update you on what actions we have taken and are in the process of taking to respond to the situation, and to express our solidarity with our fellow professionals in the sector, as well as the population of Ukraine in general. 

CIWM does not currently have any representation in Ukraine, but the sector does of course, and we know that many of you will want to help. At this time, we are…

  • Gathering information on how members and staff can access wellbeing help and resources if they are affected by the ongoing events in Ukraine
  • Looking into how our team and members could support families who have come to the UK, including any organisations in the sector specifically looking to employ people from Ukraine who are now in need of work in the UK
  • Exploring opportunities to work with the UK government to identify other ways in which we can offer much-needed support
We have also instructed our investment managers to ensure we do not have any direct or indirect investment in Russia: if we find that we have, it will be withdrawn.

Finally, for the moment, we would like to recognise – on behalf of all our members - the immense courage and dedication of our fellow resource and waste sector colleagues in Ukraine. 
Many are continuing to maintain and deliver essential services to communities throughout the country, and we salute their bravery and commitment, as demonstrated in stories like this:

Ukraine, we stand with you; you are in our thoughts and hearts. 
Україна, ми з тобою. Ти в наших думках і в наших серцях.
 Please look out for further updates as we continue to action our support plans.
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