RTF19 – What does the future hold for anaerobic digestion?


07 June 2019

Pamela Lloyd, Commercial Director, Severn Trent Green Power – building the right relationships

Speaking in the ‘Separate collection and treatment of food waste session’ on day one of Resourcing the Future, Pamela will focus on the development of the AD industry to date and what Severn Trent Green Power feel the future holds.

She told us that delegates will leave with key takeaways that they should consider when thinking of food waste recycling relationships in the future (given there is likely to be upcoming legislation forcing separate food waste collections in England in the coming years).

When asked about why RTF19 is such an important event to attend she said, “Given the government has a new focus on food waste collections, and thus there is likely to be upcoming legislation forcing separate collections of food waste, we feel it is vital that delegates and speakers alike understand Anaerobic Digestion and learn how to make informed decisions about selecting a reliable partner to work with.  It is also important that we keep abreast of all other issues affecting our industry and our customers, so we look forward to hearing insights that we know the other speakers will provide”.

If you’re joining this session, expect to be educated on the past, present and future of food waste recycling and get insights into the risk areas and considerations to focus on when looking for a reliable Anaerobic Digestion partner to service your food recycling needs.

Pamela will be joined by a diverse range of speakers from Belfast City Council, ADBA, Carbon Clarity and Hackney LBC which will provide a wealth of perspectives and knowledge which will guarantee some lively debate.

To find out more about this year’s programme and to book your place at next week’s event visit: www.ciwm.co.uk/rtf19


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