Welsh Councils Put Re-Use First Following CIWM Cymru Campaign

31 January 2019

Every local authority in Wales now gives information on re-use on their websites, with most of them putting re-use options at the top of their bulky waste webpages, following a campaign by CIWM Cymru and Fly Tipping Action Wales.

The campaign was aimed at promoting re-use as the first choice for anyone looking to dispose of useable furniture and electrical appliances.

Traditionally bulky waste collection is a chargeable service that incurs a cost to the householder and a disposal cost to the council. Most of what is collected is furniture and electrical items – many still fit for use.

At the same time, charities, social enterprises and housing associations across Wales have a high demand for these items, which can raise money for good causes and provide affordable, quality household essentials. 

Re-use also has a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions and generates jobs, training and volunteering opportunities.

CIWM Cymru – the professional body for recycling and waste management in Wales – and Fly Tipping Action Wales carried out research into the link between bulky waste services and the re-use sector and saw potential to divert more waste by working in partnership. 

After contacting councils with examples of best practice, all of them agreed to list re-use options on their bulky waste webpages.

  • Every one of the 22 councils now list re-use options
  • 15 of these put re-use at the top of the page
  • 49 re-use options are given in total, from Abergavenny to Wrexham, from the British Heart Foundation to the YMCA and over 20 local re-use projects

Chair of CIWM Cymru Rob Little commented: “It’s fabulous to see that local authorities are prioritising reuse and encouraging residents to make use of the tremendous options available which bring social, environmental and economic benefits to our communities.”

CIWM Media Centre