First CIWM member to be awarded Chartered Resources and Waste Manager status

16 October 2019

CIWM has awarded its first member Chartered Resources and Waste Manager (CRWM) status after it was announced earlier this year that from Autumn 2019 the post-nominals would be awarded to all newly Chartered members.

The change reflects the importance of managing resources and better describes the roles of members at this level.

Victoria Halford (pictured), environmental consultant for Mayer Environmental and the very first Chartered Resources and Waste Manager, commented on her achievement. 

She said: “I feel privileged to be the first member to be given the Chartered Resource and Waste Manager (CRWM) status. The change in the title reflects the inter-relationship between resources and waste (with the latter also being the former) with sustainable management of both enhancing the circular economy.

“I will wear my CRWM badge (sadly there is no badge!) with pride as I continue my development with the resources and waste industry.

“I feel that achieving chartered status demonstrates to colleagues, clients and wider CIWM community that I am a committed, dedicated professional within the resources and waste industry.

“I am excited to assist in shaping the CIWM for the future as well as upholding the Code of Practice, both of which are dynamic keystones for CIWM membership in constantly changing environments.”

Current Chartered members will also have to the option of using this new title (CRWM) or if they prefer, can continue using CWM.

The news follows CIWM’s decision to modernise its grade structure, which as well as simplifying membership means all CIWM membership grades, including Chartered and Fellow, will now have a direct route of entry.

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