CIWM Introduces Circular, the bold new magazine For members

4 February 2019

Circular magazine is the new bi-monthly resources and waste magazine produced by CIWM for its members.

The first issue of Circular magazine will reach members around 18 February and will include an exclusive interview with Environment Secretary Michael Gove on the resources and waste strategy for England.

The issue will also include analysis of the strategy itself, as well as in-depth features on Greater Manchester’s bid to become carbon neutral by 2038, a look at the barrier to a circular fashion economy and an investigation into packaging waste generated by online retailers.

Through Circular magazine, the Environmental Services Association (ESA) will also continue to provide regular content for its members, adding another dimension to the resources debate.

Alongside the magazine will sit Circular Online, a daily news and insights website dedicated to reporting the most important resources news.

Circular Online will also be home to the CIWM Knowledge Centre, a primarily member-only online library of technical resources, legislative and policy updates, guidance and best practice in the many sectors across the resources and waste industry.

Circular magazine and Circular Online will excite and challenge a professional audience, setting the agenda for the resources sector while engaging CIWM members in a way that is informative and enjoyable.

They are vehicles to share expertise and thought leadership, perspectives, guidance and opinion (including CIWM’s), and to share best practice that members can take away. It will also present a platform for members to have a voice, connect with CIWM and share their own knowledge and best practice.


The name Circular was chosen to, firstly, reflect the direction of the resources and waste sector, in that waste can no longer simply be thought about separately from the life cycle of any given material. It has to be considered at every aspect, from design to end-of-life.

Secondly, Circular reflects where CIWM is heading as a membership organisation, in that waste and resources now affect a greater number of professions, not just those directly involved with waste.

With this in mind, as well as covering resources and waste, we wanted to provide a platform for content that will be relevant to every profession that deals with resources, at all stages of its life.

Circular is also reflective of CIWM’s core ethos. We support the move towards a circular economy – transitioning from a linear, take-make-dispose extractive industrial model towards a circular system that keeps resources in use for as long as possible, extracting the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recovering and regenerating products and materials at the end of each service life. This is why Circular is printed on 100% recycled paper.

CIWM executive director, Chris Murphy, said: “I am excited about the opportunity that Circular magazine and Circular Online provides us as an Institution, our members and the resource and waste sector.

“These are the first of many key initiatives to help deliver CIWM’s wider strategy to share essential knowledge and information amongst all those involved in the circular economy. Other initiatives are already in progress include the introduction of industry wide professional standards and a range of learning opportunities.

The first issue of Circular magazine will reach CIWM and ESA members on 18 February. Circular Online and the CIWM Knowledge Centre will be launching the end of March. Look out for further details.

If you would like to submit an article proposal or would like to contribute to Circular magazine and Circular Online you can contact (Circular magazine) and (Circular Online).

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