CIWM supports SUEZ webinar on local authority procurement best practice

14 May 2018

With over 60 local authorities preparing for procurement of public realm services in the next three years, there is a clear need for guidance to support officers new to procurement and those that need an update on current market challenges, trends and best practice.

To this end, CIWM recently (8 May 2018) supported a webinar hosted by SUEZ and prepared by Ricardo, which shared best practice is this area.

This session included speakers from SUEZ recycling and recovery UK and Ricardo, who shared their guidelines for efficient procuring of services and solutions.

This best practice guide, which draws on insights from local authority officers, waste management companies, financial and legal advisors, aimed to help delegates plan for their next procurement process – to minimise delays, avoid common pitfalls and reduce expenditure.

This step-by-step guide identifies the key points to consider, top tips from those with experience and template documents which clearly indicate the priority features; timetabling, the risk register, data and information requirements as well as emerging case law.

The accompanying toolkit covers the five main principles of an effective procurement strategy, from preparation and planning through procurement and onto the practicalities of contract and service provision.

The webinar was designed for delegates to learn more about the opportunities the toolkit presents, as well as hearing about its practical application for street cleansing, collection and treatment and disposal contracts; and on issues such as combining services, partnership working across authorities, specifications, standards and performance and external commercial opportunities.

Speakers included Dr Adam Read of Suez Recycling and Recovery, Sarahjane Widdowson of Ricard Energy and Environment and Dan Roberts of South Staffordshire Council.

The three speakers considered the recent trends in the market, where the risks might lie and how to share them and what innovation we might expect to be included in future contracts.

Clearly, the delegates were engaged and hungry for more information as the questions flooded, more than there was time to answer,” said deputy chief executive and Fellow of CIWM, Chris Murphy, who chaired the webinar.

There was a wide selection of subjects under the broad heading of procurement, which are exercising local authority officers and others in this part of the sector including soft market testing, flexible and multi-service contracts, contract packaging, annual price reviews and inter authority agreements.

As an interested bystander, I found the hour flew by, I’ve added to my CPD hours and learned a lot about a subject I should have been more aware. I would recommend any member to watch/listen to the webinar and if you are involved in procurement the webinar and the toolkit will be invaluable.

The toolkit is available to download here and you can also download a recording of our webinar here.

Click here to read a CIWM Journal Online opinion piece by Adam Read as he reflects on the state of the local authority procurement market.

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