CIWM sends “thank you” to all its volunteers on National Volunteer Week

08 June 2018

CIWM has hundreds of volunteers… they include CIWM Trustees, WAMITAB and CIWME Board members, Centre Councillors, Special Interest Group Steering Committee members, NMN co-ordinators, ISWA National Committee and speakers at events both nationally and locally. 

On National Volunteers week, CIWM would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all our volunteers for the amazing contributions they make to promote the work of our organisation.

Here, Prof Adam Read (pictured), Incoming Junior Vice President of CIWM lets us know what motivates him to volunteer for CIWM.

“As a Centre Councillor, I represent the interests of the Midlands members, helping to put on events, provide industry updates and sitting on CIWM national committees. Every year I commit to attending a minimum of 5 organising committee meetings, hosting one meeting at one of our sites, and leading on the development of 1 of the all-day workshops we put on for all members free of charge, the last one being about procurement in November 2017.

“As a member of the Education & Training Committee, I help evaluate existing courses, look at the development of new training events, and ensure that the CIWM is providing support and opportunities that are of benefit to its members – I feel this is an important role, and one I am happy to be able to support given my background in academia and training.

“I am also CIWM’s UK representative on ISWA’s Communications Working group, providing input on UK experiences and case studies and sharing international best practice through the CIWM magazine and news on line etc. In April 2019, we will be hosting the ISWA Comms Committee in London to showcase some of our new sites and to discuss best practice in waste facility siting, planning and community engagement.

“As an Exec Committee member (and General Councillor) my volunteer time with CIWM has increased in the last 2 years. This is perhaps the most important of my volunteer roles and I have undertaken some training through the Charity Commission on good practice for trustees etc. I join a Friday catch up call and a monthly meeting of either GC or Exec where we discuss budgets, campaigns, priorities, strategic partnerships etc. I am really enjoying sharing my experiences of commerce and other trade bodies to help ensure CIWM remains core to the sector during turbulent times.

“I was lucky enough to be supported by a number of CIWM volunteers early on in my career, helping point me in the right direction, encouraging me to get involved and supporting my learning and development. It is only right that I give something back and support the wider sector where I can, through mentoring graduates (currently 3 through ISWA and 4 through CIWM), by hosting events, and by fully participating in working groups and committees.

“The Institution is a membership body, one that is all about professionalism and development, and as such I am proud to have been a member for some time. It has been there when I needed advice, helped to open some doors, led to some exciting job opportunities and encouraged me to get more involved in the sector and the institution. Plus, I have met some great life-long friends.”

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